Irish Lotto - Lucky Numbers

Irish Lotto (Including Plus 1 + 2)

The three Irish Lotto draws (Irish Lotto, Plus 1 and Plus 2) take place every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

How it works:
  • The game is based on the same format as the SA Lotto, however there are 2 balls less in the Irish lotto. 
  • You can bet separately on Irish lotto, Plus 1 and Plus 2. This gives you a greater chance of winning!
  • All 3 draws have one ball set made up of 47 balls.
  • Seven numbers are drawn: the first six are the main numbers, drawn from a pool of balls numbered between 1 and 47, after which the seventh ball is then drawn from the remaining 41 numbers and acts as the Bonus Ball.
  • These draws close at 21h40.
  • The results are published at 23h30 the same night. Results can also be found on our Facebook and Twitter result pages.
You have the options of betting:

Bet Option Odds Bet R10 & Win
1 Number 11/2 R55
2 Numbers 45/1 R450
3 Numbers 375/1 R3 750
4 Numbers 3000/1 R30 000
Bonus Ball
Bonus Ball Lo - Hi NA NA
Bonus Ball Single 4/1 R40
Pick the Bonus Ball 43/1 R430

Get results for the Irish Lotto (and Plus 1+2) here:

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