Hollywood Bunny Chow Competition - October 2014

Here are all our entries for October for the Hollywood Bunny Chow Instagram Competition! You can enter today by sending us a pic of yourself enjoying a delicious Hollywood Bunny Chow! A R100 meal voucher and a Hollywood Hamper is up for grabs. All you have to do is post your picture on our Facebook pageInstagram, or Twitter, and use the hashtags #Hollywoodbets and #BunnyChow. Its that easy! You can also Whatsapp them to 0823091599 or email them to devinh@hollywoodbets.net Winners are announced on the first of every month.

The winning Hollywood Bunny Chow photo for October! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

That Hollywood Bunny Chow looks perfect! Amazing!  (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

The Hollywood Bunny Chow... prepare yourself! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

A Hollywood Bunny Chow brings a smile to this face :) (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

Time to get stuck into this Hollywood Bunny Chow! Mutton Bunny! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

She's satisfied with this Hollywood Bunny Chow! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

What better to have for lunch at work than some Hollywood Curries

Hollywood Beans Bunny and Mutton Bunny Chows for lunch!

Hollywood Bunny Chows for these lads! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

Castle Lite and a Hollywood Bunny Chow! What a combo! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

Doubling up on these Hollywood Bunny Chows! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

A beer and Bunny Chow - only at Hollywoodbets! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

Ice cold coke with your Hollywood Bunny Chow? Yes please! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

Some ice cold ciders and some Hollywood Bunny Chows :) (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

The Hollywood Bunny Chow - enough said! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

The little one loves the Hollywood Bunny Chow too! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

Nothing better than a Hollywood Beans Bunny Chow! (Hollywoodbets Argyle)

Just magnificent. Look at those Hollywood Bunny Chows! (Hollywoodbets Springfield Park)

Hollywood's famous Bunny Chows and Curries 
are available at:

Hollywood Argyle
Corner Linze and De Mazenod Road (behind Mr. Price Home)
Phone: 031 309 4920

Hollywood Springfield Park
126 Intersite Avenue, Umgeni Business Park, Springfield, Durban
Phone: 031 263 2073