Powa Numba Bet Options - AVAILABILITY


The option to bet on 4 numbas plus the Powa Numba (5 balls in total) is available ONLY at Hollywood branches in Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and Lesotho. Unfortunately this bet option is not available in KZN branches or on the Hollywoodbets website and mobile app. This is due to a system restriction. 

The most recent winning bet for R1.9 million was taken at one of our branches in Gauteng. 

If you attempt to take this bet on the Powa Numbas multi on the website/mobile and in KZN, it will only provide odds of 124,658/1. The odds for 4 balls+Powa Numba, taken at the other branches mentioned above will provide you with odds of 190,000/1.

All other combination bets are available in KZN, and the online platforms, but the 4 numbas+Powa Numba option will only be available in the coming months. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Below are the odds for Powa Numbas combinations are as follows:

Main Draw (1-45)
1 Number 8/1 
2 Numbers 80/1 
3 Number 1,000/1 
4 Number 10,000/1 

Powa Numba Draw (1-20)
Bonus Ball 18/1 

Combinations (From Main Set + Powa Set)
Double 1+1 170/1 
Treble 2+1 1,650/1 
Quad 3+1 19,000/1 
4 Numbas+1* 190,000/1

*NOT Available in KZN, Hollywood Website & Mobile App