Wimbledon 2015 Money Back Promotion!

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Wimbledon Money Back Promotion:

How it works:

If a multiple is winning going into the last leg but ends up losing, you will receive your money back. Depending on the amount of legs, the refund can be either 2 times, 5 times, or even 10 times your original stake!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Tickets may only include legs consisting of the ‘to win the match’ market (2 Way) for Wimbledon 2015.
  • Bets must be winning going into the last leg. Only tickets that lose on the last leg will apply.
  • 2x Money Back: Multiples consisting of 5 to 8 legs and total odds must be greater than 5/1. Max pay-out is R1000.
  • 5x Money Back: Multiples consisting of 9 to 12 legs and total odds must be greater than 10/1. Max pay-out is R2000.
  • 10x Money Back: Multiples consisting of 13 or more legs and total odds must be greater than 20/1. Max pay-out is R5000.
  • Scratched legs do not apply. If a leg is scratched, it will not be counted for the total number of legs in the ticket nor used in the calculation for the total odds.
  • Account customers must contact the customer support centre on toll free 08600 42387 in order to claim their money back. Cash customers may visit any Hollywood branch nationwide to receive their money back.
  • Applies to Wimbledon 2015, beginning on 29 June 2015 and ending on 12 July 2015.
  • All account and cash bets apply to the promotion.
  • Hollywoodbets tennis rules apply.
  • Should anyone be seen abusing the spirit of the promotion, Hollywood reserves the right to withdraw any bonus awarded, along with disallowing that account holder from participating in future promotions. This will done at Hollywood's discretion. 

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How can I claim my money back?
To claim your money back you must call the Hollywood customer support centre on toll free 08000 42387, quote that you want to receive your money back on your losing Wimbledon ticket and the refund will be credited to your account.

Can I include other sports in my multiple and just not count those legs?
No, the money back promotion applies to tickets that only contain legs of Wimbledon 2015 and must be taken on the ‘To Win the Match’ (2 way) market.

My bet lost on the second leg and all other legs lost, can I still receive my refund?
No, only tickets that lose on the final leg will qualify to get a money back promotion.

I forgot to claim my money back before the end of the tournament; can I still receive the refund?
Yes, so long as the bet was taken for Wimbledon 2015 and meets the other qualifying criteria, you can claim your refund after the tournament.

My bet consisted of 11 legs but I only received 2x Money Back?
If any legs in the ticket are scratched, they will not be considered in the calculation of the total legs in the ticket, nor the total odds.

I bet R1000 and should have received 2x Money Back, but I was only credited with R1000?
The 2x Money Back is limited to a R1000 max pay-out; please take note of all the maximum pay-out limits on the promotion.

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