Uber and Hollywoodbets Team Up to bring you the Best Bunny Chows in Durban!

Hollywoodbets Bunny Chow - Hollywood Bunny Chow

They say you haven’t truly been to Durban until you’ve eaten a bunny chow.

So, Hollywoodbets in conjunction with Uber, are going to make it as easy as possible to TRULY experience the city you love. This Friday, between 12pm – 2pm, Durbanites will get the chance to indulge in their favourite lunchtime meal, at the simple tap of a button! Uber riders can request two bunny chow meals from our award-winning restaurant, right to their very doorstep. This is our way of celebrating the vibrant culture of Durban, and its unique culinary experience.

How to order:

  • Open up your Uber app or download the app on your smartphone and sign up NOW.
  • Starting at 12:00, Friday 11 December, ensure you are in a Bunny Chow Zone (see details below), toggle over the knife & fork icon and request a ride
  • If successful, your Uber will arrive within minutes and deliver two delicious bunny chows for ONLY R70

New users who sign up using the code UBERBUNNYCHOW on Friday morning will get their bunny chow for FREE!


Hollywoodbets will be offering the following in each delivery:

1 x Quarter Mutton Bunny
1 x Quarter Beans Bunny

To ensure your bunny chows are fresh, delivery is only available in the Bunny Chow Zone. Please check below before ordering.

The Fine Print:

Each request includes two bunny chows from Hollywoodbets
Demand will be very high – check back often if your first request is unsuccessful. We’ll keep delivering until we run out of delicious bunny chows!

Ordering with a friend?
You can use Uber's split fare option so you’re not footing the whole price.

Happy eating!