French 5/49 - Lucky Numbers

French 5/49 - Powa Numbas and Lucky Numbers Betting at Hollywoodbets

French 5/49

French 5/49 is a new Powa Numbas draw offered by Hollywoodbets.

The draw takes place three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

This draw closes at 19h00. The draw takes place at 19h35.

The result is published at 22h00 the following day.

The game is based on the same format as SA Power Ball.  There are two ball sets.

The Main Set has 49 balls (1-49), of which 5 balls are drawn.

The Power Ball Set has 10 balls (1-10), of which 1 ball is drawn.

The betting for this draw can be found on the Hollywood website under Lucky Numbers.

You have the options of betting:

Bet Option Odds Bet R10 & Win
Powa Ball Set (1-10)
Bonus Ball* 8/1 R80
BB Odd/Even 9/10 R9
Main Draw Set (1-49)
1 Number 8/1 R80
2 Number 100/1 R1000
3 Number 1500/1 R15000
4 Number 25000/1 R250000
Main +  Powa Numba
2 Balls (1 + BB) 85/1 R850
3 Balls (2 + BB) 900/1 R9000
4 Balls (3 + BB) 12500/1 R125000

*Please note that on the website and mobile, the Power Ball will be represented as Bonus Ball.

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