F1 2016: Changes

Written by Matthew Molver for @Hollywoodbets.

There have been a few rule changes for the 2016 Formula One season that are likely to have a huge influence on which team ends the season as Constructors' Champions and which driver takes the Drivers' Championship.

Bellow we'll take a look at these changes.

The team previews can be found by clicking the links bellow.

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Changes for 2016

-To improve on that engine noise we all love so much, teams must now use separate exhaust pipes for the turbine and wastegate rather than the single exhaust used in 2015. The rules allow for the option of using a twinpipe for the wastegate, though any exit must not be more than 100mm from the main pipe.

-The number of championship rounds has increased from 19 to 21 this year, with the German Grand Prix being added back to the calendar and a new stop off in Azerbaijan.

-With an extra two Grand Prix's taking place this year, the FIA has increased the number of power units each driver is allowed to use over the course of the season from four to five.

- Consequently, grid penalties will only kick in when each driver uses a sixth of any one of the six disparate power unit elements.

-Sticking with the power units, each manufacturer will be allowed 32 power unit tokens for in-season development. They may use these at their discretion.

-Additionally, whereas previously no manufacturer could supply more than one specification of power unit, engines homologated in previous seasons may now be re-homologated for use in 2016.

-In terms of driver safety,  the head protection structures either side of the cockpit are now 20mm higher than before and able to resist a compression load of 50N per 30 seconds.

-The rules for tyres have also been spiced up this season as Pirelli are now making three, rather than two, of their five dry-weather tyre compounds (including the new purple-marked ultra soft) available at each event.

-The Italian company will allocate two sets of tyres for the race (only one of which must be used) and one set which can only be used in Q3 (the softest of the chosen three compounds). Each driver will then be able to choose 10 further sets of tyres from the three compounds to take their weekend allocation to 13.

-Rules for the virtual safety car have also been amended, with the car now being used in practice sessions as well as races in order to reduce stoppage times.

-DRS will now be re-enabled immediately after a virtual safety car period.

-For accident analysis new rules state that each car must be fitted with a high-speed camera and each driver must wear in-ear accelerometers at each event

-Pre-season testing was also cut with the number of pre-season tests having been slashed from three to two, meaning that the teams participated in eight days of track running ahead of the new season, rather than the 12 they had available in 2015.

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