Have a bit of a fun with Hollywoodbets’ Special Euro 2016 Markets

Have a bit of fun during Euro 2016 with Hollywoodbets' special betting markets!

Hollywoodbets will be offering a variety of special markets during Euro 2016! Fancy Cristiano Ronaldo to have a bit of a cry after Portugal’s final match? Or someone from Europe’s elite to go all Luis Suarez and nibble at an opponent? Well, we’ve got you covered! Check out all of our special markets below!

Cristiano Ronaldo to Cry in Portugal’s Final Match at 7/1
There looks to be a decent bit of value here, although much of Ronaldo’s soppiness has been replaced by a repulsive sort of self-importance. While there’s every chance he may cry come the end of Portugal’s journey in the tournament, I’m of the opinion that he'll either leave the field in a fit of rage (there may well be a few tears involved) or carried off to the presentation stand on a cloud of his own arrogance.

Verdict: Have a tickle at 7/1!

A Bite to Occur at 12/1
We’ve all been there. Whether we’re stuck in traffic or getting smashed by our mates on FIFA, human beings have a tendency to react violently to frustrating situations. We may treat our steering-wheel as a punching bag our hurl the controller at the flat screen. Equally so, there may come an occasion where one of Europe’s elite footballers may find that being 3-0 down in a European Championship semi-final all too much to bear, and so he decides to lash out at an opponent. In the ensuing tussle he sees red, and bites down on an opposition player’s forearm. Commentators gasp, a brawl ensues, Luis Suarez nods in admiration and you smile smugly knowing that you’ve taken Hollywoodbets’ 12/1 shot for a bit to occur.

Verdict: Unlikely, but a decent bit of value at 12/1! Instead, perhaps take a player to be red carded for violent conduct at the same odds!

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A Straight Red Card for Handball at 8/1
This is always a contentious issue and it only seems to rear its ugly head in crunch matches. Think back to Luis Suarez in South Africa 2010 – we seem to be mentioning him here a lot, aren’t we? Anyways, this is always a runner in a big tournament during the knockout phases.

Verdict: Definitely have a go here at 8/1

A Player to be Sent Home for Misconduct at 10/1
Another problem that seems to pop up quite a bit at these sort of tournaments is players being sent home early for misconduct. Jack Wilshire – in a fit of rage for not being selected for England’s first game against Russia – could end up down the local pub on a bender. Zlatan Ibrahimovic could decide that he’s not actually too keen on football and convert his hotel room into an upmarket cocktail bar for the evening. Marouane Fellaini could elbow a French citizen in the back of the head for no apparent reason. Next thing you know the press get hold of these stories and the player’s on the first plane back to his home country; sent home for misconduct.

Verdict: At 10/1 this offers some magnificent value! I’d suggest getting on!

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