Lucky Numbers, Horse Racing and Sport Results on your Cellphone

Check all of the latest Lucky Numbers, Horse Racing and Sports results on your cellphone. 

Did you know that you can check all the latest Sport, Lucky Numbers and Horse Racing results on your cellphone with

Below we'll outline exactly how you can find the latest results from all of your favourite events from around the world!

The first thing you'll want to do is grab your cellphone and visit - once you've punched in the address, follow the steps listed below. For the sake of this guide, we're going to take a look at the UK Daily Millions Afternoon Draw for 15 May 2017.

Please note that the process for checking Horse Racing and Sports results is almost exactly the same as the below example. 

Step 1 - Select "Results" on the Homepage
Once you hit the homepage of our Mobisite, you'll want to click on the results tab which which is highlighted below:

Step 2 - Select your Lucky Numbers, Sport or Racing
Once you've tapped the results tab, you'll be directed to the below page. Keep scrolling until you find the sport that you're looking for. Because we're looking for UK 49 Daily Millions, we'll be tapping the Lucky Numbers tab as illustrated below: 

Step 3 - Select the country in which your event is hosted
Once we've loaded into the Lucky Numbers tab, you need to select the country that hosts the draw you're looking for. Please note that the process is exactly the same if you're looking for sport / horse racing results. For the sake of this guide, we're selecting the United Kingdom as we're trying to get to the UK 49s Afternoon draw: 

Step 4 - Select your event
Next we need to select which draw we're looking for. As mentioned earlier, we said we'd be looking the results for the UK 49's Afternoon draw results, so we'll go ahead and tap on the field highlighted below: 

Step 5 - Select the date on which your event was held
The next step is pretty simply. Select the date you wish to see the results for. Since we're looking for 15 May's results, we'll tap the highlighted field below:

Step 6 - View your results
The final step in the process is to view the results of your chosen event as per the screen below - it's that easy!

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