Opinion Piece: Transfer Trajectories

Opinion Piece: Transfer Trajectories

Our EPL scribe takes a look at some of the possible transfers that could happen during the Summer Transfer Window. 

With the so-called big four quickly metamorphosing into a big six in the last few seasons, the importance of the transfer windows have become increased, with six top sides competing for those critical top four places. With United managing to qualify for the Champions League via the Tolkien-esque route of the Europa League, one would have thought that Arsene Wenger’s embattled Arsenal would have been the side battling for relevance in the market. But it seems that as soon as the allure of Champions League football dissipates, rumours of gigantic transfers are flying around the Emirates. Which just goes to show how unpredictable this transfer window is about to get.

Arsenal have not gone into the night quietly - neither for that matter did Arsene Wenger. The quick signing of Sead Kolasinac showed that Wenger meant business. Clearly, he has some work to do to assuage the fears of Sanchez and Ozil. Then there are rumours that Lyon are prepared to do a swap move of some description between Giroud and Lacazette. There are also reports that they are on the brink of signing CSKA Moskow’s star midfielder Aleksandr Golovin. And perhaps most amazing were the rumours of a world record transfer bid for teenage superstar Mbappe. What took you so long Arsene? Surely it must infuriate Arsenal fans that only now - without the obvious bargaining chip of the Champions League - they have decided to exit the medieval realm and join the big boys at the transfer table.

Liverpool’s activities started with some dubious, Bond-style shenanigans with Virgil Van Dijk, which seems to have cost them their shot at the Dutch powerhouse. Solanki’s arrival from Chelsea should boost their striking options while Mohammed Salah looks almost certain to break their transfer record in a slightly over-valued move from Roma. Liverpool need to get their house in order and sort out the defensive frailties that largely hindered them last season.

Spurs have been largely quiet and seem to be focused on ameliorating the potential damage of losing Kyle Walker to City. Ricardo Pereira looks to be their most likely target. Spurs spent much of the end of last season tying down their stars to lengthy contracts, but now is the time to think of expansion as Spurs move to Wembley.

Moving swiftly to Manchester and there is no shortage of wheeling and dealing. City have completed the signing of the summer - bringing in the virtuosic talent of Bernardo Silva from Monaco. The Silva’s - David and Bernardo - have the potential to strike up a partnership reminiscent of Xavi and Iniesta. They also purchased Ederson from Benfica for a ridiculous amount for a goalkeeper. Let’s hope this turns out better than the entire Bravo fiasco. Their pursuit of Mendy is ongoing and it seems that Guardiola could finally have the opportunity to really create the side in his image - and I’m sure he would love the creation metaphor there.

United completed the signing of Victor Lindelof from Benfica - now there’s a side that have been decimated. Mourinho has wisely chosen to seek reinforcements for a central defensive situation that probably made him seek spiritual help last season. Atletico Madrid’s transfer ban has completely foiled their designs on a certain thumb dancing Frenchman. So it seems that either Real Madrid’s Alvaro Moratta or Torino’s Belotti look set to fulfil that striking vacancy. I should expect Mourinho to be deliberate and have the full financial backing of the club should a player appear that he desires.

So this is the avalanche that Chelsea have to withstand. And what are they doing at present? Relatively little on the surface. Costa is going, meaning that a quality striker - Lukaku anyone? – is needed desperately. And Real Madrid look set to make an astronomical bid for Eden Hazard that will leave him without his two most influential players going forward. They are allegedly looking towards Firoentian winger Federico Bernardeschi and Napoli’s Insigne to full those likely gaps. But they need to keep an eye on the future as this transfer window looks set to be perhaps the most important in Premier League history.

Written by Damien Kayat @Hollywoodbets


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