Boxing Preview: Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

We preview the much-anticipated boxing spectacle when Conor McGregor steps into the ring to fight the undefeated Floyd Mayweather on Saturday the 26th of August. 

The stage is set, and on the 26th of August, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will wear 10-ounce gloves and battle it out in Las Vegas at the T Mobile arena.

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To Win Fight
Floyd Mayweather 2/11 | Conor McGregor 7/2
Las Vegas, T-Mobile Arena - Sunday 27 August 2017, Televised broadcasting from 3:00 am

Tale of the Tape
Conor Mcgregor
 Floyd Mayweather
175 CM
173 CM
188 CM
183 CM
21 (18 KOs)
49 (26 KOs)

Verbal Sparring
The pair went on a four-city tour to promote the fight, in a series of verbal sparring episodes McGregor and Mayweather really got under one another's skins. In the past, Floyd Mayweather has always kept his distance in terms of smack talk before a fight, but this time he’s faced with the rebellious attitude of Conor McGregor that has certainly challenged him, causing him to retaliate, a part of these bouts he rarely partakes in until fight night.

Some would say Floyd has let a little of what Conor McGregor has said to get into his head, and we’ll have to see if that could effect his composure on fight night. Mayweather used a group of his bodyguards to try and intimidate McGregor during one of the press conferences, a trick up his sleeve that certainly got McGregor worked up. All in all the promotion worked and the fight is being sold at 99.99 dollars per pay per view in the United States. And we can only hope that the pre-fight hype actually lives up to the climax.

Can Floyd Mayweather Make History?
‘I’m not the same fighter I was twenty years ago, I’m not the same fighter I was two years ago, that’s what makes this fight so entertaining because I’m not the Mayweather from the past” - Floyd Mayweather 
With the potential of moving past Rocky Marciano’s record of 49 – 0, Mayweather, if he wins, will move to 50 and 0, forever etching himself into history of the Sweet Science.

If he loses he would blemish his otherwise immaculate record, and be criticized for losing to a mixed martial artist fighter. Boxing legends all over the world have said it’s almost impossible for Floyd to lose this fight, especially against a "guy from the UFC". Floyd will hope to prove their theories right and silence the roaring McGregor once and for all.

Will Notorious live up to his Hype?
"I’m gonna knock him out Inside four rounds – mark my words” - Conor McGregor
The Irishman is well known as the King of the Octagon, his bravado, and his mystic predictions of how his fights will play out, with his most recent one – when he knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds in the first round, who hadn’t been beaten in 10 years. Notorious called out one of the best pound for pound fighters out of retirement, Floyd Mayweather. A tactic that seemed to work in his favour as McGregor will now have a chance at shocking the best boxer ever, silence his critics and go down in history as the only UFC fighter to beat an elite boxer, and hold two belts in separate weight divisions in the UFC.

Conor McGregor 
Unorthodox Style
10-ounce gloves
Jiu Jitsu movements
Boxing Prep time
Switch to boxing style
Powerful Left Hand
Anaerobic movements
Aerobic Movements
Two hand strikes

Floyd Mayweather
Trouble with Southpaw
Age gap
Lack of power punches
Shoulder Roll
Never lost
Boxing Skillset
Decision Fighter

Interesting Facts:
  • The last time Mayweather won by knockout was in 2011.
  • McGregor's fastest recorded fight was 13 seconds against Jose Aldo, unrecorded was 4 seconds.
  • McGregor has knocked out 18 opponents.
  • Floyd Mayweather has 26 knockouts under his belt.
  • Mayweather was called "Pretty Boy" because he had a few scars because to his defensive technique.
  • McGregor holds a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu.
  • McGregor started boxing at age 12 as a form of self defence.
  • Both fighters came from really rough backgrounds and used fighting as a way out.
Round Group Betting:
  • Mayweather to win in 1 - 3 rounds 8/1
  • McGregor to win in 1 - 3 rounds 15/2
I'm taking the 14/1 Mcgregor to win in 1- 3 rounds based on his prediction.

Verdict: McGregor 7/2
This is one of those fights where you place two bets, one in the round group betting and the next for an outright winner to double your chances. I'm taking McGregor based on his eccentric style and age gap, and based on Pacquiao's fight with Horn, I don't think fighters should come out of retirement to fight youngsters. This could prove to be a mistake for Floyd.

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