Mayweather defeats McGregor by TKO

Mayweather vs McGregor - Result - Floyd Money Mayweather by TKO

Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor by way of technical knockout in the 10th round of their much anticipated bout at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather went one up on Rocky Marciano - stretching his record to 50-0 - after defeating Conor McGregor in a 10th round TKO. The Irish MMA star came out firing as expected and even caught Floyd a couple of times to taking the first three rounds.

Mayweather came into his own form the fourth round as he threw a few more shots. The American superstar started to work the body of McGregor, disrupting his breathing if not really hurting him much.

Things started to go south for the Irishman in round 7. He looked to be tiring much quicker than Mayweather. The American, sensing this, went to town. A number of big right hand shots rocked McGregor's head back as the challenger began to wobble a bit.

Although McGregor clawed his way back into the fight in the eighth, he never really looked to be hurting his much more experienced opponent, he was landing though which would have given him a bit of confidence heading into the latter rounds.

Any confidence McGregor took into round nine would have evaporated fairly quickly as Floyd looked to close the fight. Mayweather completely and utterly dominated the round landing some massive right hand shots and looking for an uppercut finish. McGregor was out on his feet at this point, looking to clinch in a bid to survive to the bell.

Mayweather's incredible stamina was there for all to see as he battered his larger opponent in the tenth. McGregor suffered under an absolute hailstorm of shots from the American. Pinned against the ropes and unable to offer anything in return, referee Robert Byrd called the fight handing the American his 50th victory.

While he was dominated, McGregor was in no way disgraced. As many expected, he tired far quicker than his opponent and his shots seemed to be devoid of any power heading into the latter rounds. Credit where it's due, he never went down despite taking a number of concussive shots from Mayweather in the tenth.

What were your thoughts on the fight? Do you think it lived up to the expectations, or were you disappointed? Leave your comments below!

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