Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: Deposit Bank Transfer Hollywood Process

Deposit Bank Transfer Hollywood Process

Depositing funds into your Hollywoodbets account is quick and easy. For your convenience we have accounts with all of South Africa's major banks, meaning that bank-to-bank transfers are quick, and reflect quickly. Follow the step-by-step guide below when depositing money into your betting account via bank transfer.

1. Like doing any deposit to a friend, or paying off an account, depositing money into your Hollywoodbets account via bank transfer follows the same process.

2. You can deposit money into our bank account via Internet Transfer, at your local bank branch, or you can do it at the ATM.

3. When doing a deposit at the bank there two very important pieces of information. One is that you get the correct account number for the Hollywoodbets bank account you are depositing into.  The second is to make sure you use your Hollywoodbets account number as your reference!

Here are our banking details:

Standard Bank
Account No: 250759128
Branch Code: 043626
Account Type: Current/Cheque

Account No : 1305895991
Branch Code: 131426
Account Type: Current/Cheque

First National Bank
Account No:  62107054554
Branch Code : 220526
Account Type: Current/Cheque

Account No : 4065090549
Branch Code : 632005
Account Type: Current/Cheque

Our Capitec account is no longer available for deposits. Please use one of our alternative accounts.

Our team constantly works through our statements to look for new deposits, and will credit as soon as they are reflecting on our side.

If your deposit has not yet been credited, please contact us on deposit@hollywoodbets.net or call us on 087 353 7634. Please let us know the amount you deposited, the bank you deposited into, and the reference number (your Hollywoodbets account number) you used.

You can email us your deposit confirmation/receipts to deposit@hollywoodbets.net

Please note that same bank transfers (eg. FNB to FNB) can take up to 24 hours to reflect, while different-bank transfers (eg. FNB to ABSA) can take up to 48 hours to reflect. Please make sure you use the correct bank, as well as your Hollywoodbets account number as the reference to speed up the process.

If you have not used your Hollywoodbets account number as the reference, please notify team immediately by calling us on 087 353 7634.