Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: Depositing via Credit Card

Depositing via Credit Card

If you've got a VISA or MasterCard Credit Card (as well as a Cheque Card), then depositing funds into your Hollywood account is the quickest option available to you!

As payment is cleared from your card, your funds are credited to your Hollywood account and you can begin betting immediately!

1) Once you've logged into your Hollywood account, click on the "Deposit" Link, which is located just under your balance in the top right hand corner.

2) From the list of Deposit options, make sure that you have select the Credit Card option.  Once you have done this, enter the amount you wish to deposit in the 'Amount' field and click 'Submit'.

3) You will then be shown a confirmation page on the Hollywood website.  Confirm your details, and click the button labelled "Proceed to Secure Credit Card Payment"

4) You will then be directed to the Virtual Card Services (VCS) website. Fill in the form details. Note that the CVC number is the last 3 digits on the back of your card. Click on the Pay button to proceed.

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5) Once you have clicked the Pay button you will reach the Payment Authentication page.  If you have NOT registered your card for online use, or for 3D Card Secure via VCS, you will be shown the below page.  Click on the link highlighted below that your credit card is registered to.  Once you have registered your card for 3D Secure, you will not need to do it again.  However, make sure you save your password.

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Some credit cards might have you automatically redirected to the Secure Code site.  This is what the MasterCard Secure Code site shows:

6) If you have registered your card for 3D Secure, you will be taken to this page, where you will be requested to enter a OTP - a One Time Pin/Password.  This is normally sent to your phone via SMS, or sent via email. Once you have received the Pin, enter it in the field (marked with a *) and click Submit.  Below is the VISA OTP page:

Below is the Standard Bank MasterCard OTP page:

7) Once you have entered your OTP, the VCS website will begin processing your payment.  The below page will show:

8) If your payment is successful, you will be redirected to the Hollywoodbets website, and you will get the confirmation page that your credit card payment is successful.  You will also see that "Your Balance" will be updated with your deposit. 

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9) If you experience any issues with the credit card process, please contact our deposits team on 031 334 0715, or our helpline team on 08600 42387.  Hollywood will not be able to rectify issues that are associated with your card and your bank. You will need to contact your bank directly for these issues.