Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: What is an Open (Tote) Place?

What is an Open (Tote) Place?

The Open Place, also known as the Tote Place, works on the same tote pool system, where a dividend is declared once the race has finished.

The tote declares their dividend according to the number of actual runners in the race:

5 or less runners
0 places
6 or 7 runners
2 places
8 to 15 runners
3 places
16 or more runners
4 places

Please note that if a field is reduced in size due to scratchings, this will affect the number of places that will be paid on the race.  If there are 17 carded runners, but only 14 run, then only 3 places will be paid.

The operators may offer place pools in races with less or more runners than specified in above.  

For instance, more than 4 places may be paid on feature races such as the Durban July.

If a field is reduced to 5 runners or less, then all place bets are refunded.


If a punter takes more than one horse in an “All-To-Come” or multiple open place bet, Hollywood will give the punter a bonus on their winnings (not on the stake) according to the following:

5% on 2 horses
10% on 3 horses
15% on 4 horses
20% on 5 horses