Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: The BiPot is Back!

The BiPot is Back!

Back In Action…
The BiPot Bet

This poular bet makes a comeback!

Double Your Chances on 6 Races!
Select a horse to place FIRST or SECOND in each of the designated 6 races.

How It Works:
The Bipot will always start one leg before the Place Accumulator. If there are 7 Races in a meeting there will be no Bipot.
E.g. Straight Line BiPot – 6/2/1/3/4/2. Permutation BiPot – 1, 4, 7/2, 3/7, 8/5, 6/1, 2, 3/2 = R72.00 (3 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 1).    

e.g. Permutation BiPot – 1,4,7/2,3/7,8/5,6/1,2,3/2 = R72.00
If the customer wishes to spend R7.20 on this bet, he/she will get 10% of the bet's value and will be paid out 10% of the dividend should the bet win.

Scratched horses are replaced by the tote favourites and no refunds shall be given.

All selections in any abandoned or cancelled legs shall be deemed to be winning selections.

ABANDONED/CANCELLED RACE MEETING: A full refund is given if a maximum of one or no legs of BiPot have commenced and the decision has been made to abandon the rest of the race meeting due
to unforeseen circumstances.

Subject to a maximum payout limit of R500 000. Rules, results and dividends based on that as published by SAFTOTE. Terms and Conditions apply