Finding the Open / Exotic Bets Option on the Hollywood Website

Where can I find the Open and Exotic Bets on the Hollywood website?

You can find the open and exotic bet options on the top right hand corner of each race sheet.  Follow these steps:

1) Click on Horse Racing on the Event Browser and select the meeting and race you want to bet on. In the bottom case we select Kenilworth Race 4

2) The field sheet for the 4th race will now be shown on your screen.  Look to the top right hand side of the field sheet where you will see a a drop down menu labelled SELECT BET TYPE.

3) The drop down menu will now provide you with all the open and exotic bet options available for that race. This is includes Swingers, Exactas, Trifectas, Quartets, Jackpot, Pick 6, Place Accumulator, Pick 3 and Tote Double.

4) You will then be taken to the respective grid for the bet option you choose.  The number of columns shown will depend on what option you choose. Note that the grids look different with regards to what bet type you choose.

EXACTA OPTION. This will be similar for Swinger, Trifecta and Quartet option.
PICK 6 OPTION. This will be similar for the Double, Pick 3, Jackpot and Place Accumulator

5) You can now make your selections on the grid.  Once you have completed this, click the BET button at the bottom of the grid.  This will add the ticket to your bet slip.  For more information on the different options for Exactas, Swingers, Trifectas, Quartets click here.