Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: What is the "1st Try Scorer" market?

What is the "1st Try Scorer" market?

1st Try Scorer

This market allows the punter to bet on what positioned player will score the first try.  This also allows for a penalty try as well as no try to be scored. 

In this market you will have the following betting options:
  1. Any Forward
  2. Scrumhalf, Flyhalf, or any Centre
  3. Fullback or any Wing
  4. Any Team Penalty Try
  5. No Try Scorer
This is an 80 Minute market, and does not take into account any extra time played after the 80 minutes final whistle.

Here are the numbers on a players back that represents their position in the above market:
  1. Forward
  2. Forward
  3. Forward
  4. Forward
  5. Forward
  6. Forward
  7. Forward
  8. Forward
  9. Scrumhalf
  10. Flyhalf
  11. Wing
  12. Centre
  13. Centre
  14. Wing
  15. Fullback
The substitutions (players with number 16-23 on their backs), will have their position determined on which position they fulfill when coming onto the field. 

If a player from number 1-15 switches position, but plays in the same number jersey, their jersey number will determine the above market.  Therfore if a wing moves into the scrumhalf position, then he will still be considered as a wing for the above market.

If the first try of the game is awarded as a penalty try, to either team, then the winning option here will be "Any Team Penalty Try."

If there is no try scored for the duration of the game (80 minutes to the final whistle), then the winning option will be the "No Try Scorer" option.

If a match is abandoned, “1st Try Scorer” bets shall stand, provided a try has been scored before the match has been abandoned.

To find this market, go the rugby match you want to bet on, and select the 1ST TRY SCORER market.