Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: How to Play Lucky Numbers Basics

How to Play Lucky Numbers Basics

Are you new to Lucky Numbers, but not sure what its all about? Then read below, and learn today! Why not play on tonight's SA Lotto with Hollywoodbets? Read here:

Do you know how to play Lucky Numbers? Here's how you play:

1. Choose your favorite numbers between 1-49.
2. Choose how many numbers you want to bet on.
3. You have the option of 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers.
4. What ever option you pick, the numbers have to come up in the results to win. So if you pick 2 numbers, both numbers must be drawn. If you pick 4 numbers, all 4 numbers must be drawn.
5. Your payout is fixed! It doesn't matter how many people win. Your payout is based on how much you bet (your stake):

1 number = 5 x stake
2 numbers = 52 x stake
3 numbers = 400 x stake
4 numbers = 3000 x stake

So if you bet R10 on 2 numbers. Your payout is:
52 x R10 = R520.

Minimum bet on Hollywood mobile and website is R1. Minimum bet in the branches is R5.

If you have more questions, post them in the comments section! These odds are available only at Hollywoodbets.net, and apply only to the SA Lotto, SA Plus, UK49s afternoon and evening, UK National, Hong Kong, and all Canada draws.

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