BetGames Africa - Terms and Conditions

As found on the Hollywoodbets Website Terms and Conditions:

5.          Betgames Africa Rules:

5.1          Lucky 5 Rules.
5.1.1       Five (5) winning balls out of 36 are randomly drawn to the cylinders of the game machine.

5.1.2       The draw is deemed to have taken place when exactly 5 winning balls are chosen from the drum. In all other cases the draw is void and all the stakes are returned.  

5.1.3       The order of the winning balls of the draw is determined by the machine cylinders from left to right. The cylinder to the left is considered to be first and the one on the right is the last. The order in which the cylinders are filled doesn't have any influence on the result of the draw.  

5.2          Lucky 7 Rules  
5.2.1       Seven (7) winning balls out of 42 are randomly selected to the game tube.

5.2.2       The draw is deemed to have taken place when at least 7 winning balls are selected. In all other cases the draw is void and all the stakes are returned.  

5.2.3       If more than 7 balls are placed in the tube only the first 7 balls are counted and the other balls in the tube are ignored.  

5.3         Gameplay:
5.3.1       There is only one betting round and players can place their bets on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw.

5.3.2       A betting round takes place between the game draws and lasts about four minutes (when the first draw is finished, the betting round for the second draw immediately starts. The broadcast starts after the end of the betting round).  

5.4          Betting limits:
               Maximum winnings of R10 000 per bet type and a minimum betting stake of R1 is applicable
5.5          Special cases:
5.5.1        Cancelled draws.
             Draws can be cancelled due to technical failures: internet connection problems, technical problems in the studio or presenter's mistakes;
             Presenter's mistakes that can end up with cancelled draws: The balls are not prepared before the start of the draw.
             The presenter must put the balls to the specified place so it can be clearly seen that a full set of unmixed balls is used.
             A ball or balls cannot be seen on the screen due to the dealer's actions

5.5.2       Video and audio streaming does not match or do not exist.
                If the sound during the broadcast is lost or the presenter announces the wrong winning ball numbers, the correct draw outcomes and winning numbers are determined by the video broadcast.
            If a player cannot see the live broadcast due to technical reasons at his end (no internet connection, no electricity and etc.) but the broadcast can be found in the archive, the draw is deemed to have taken place.

5.6          Game organization procedure:  
5.6.1       Draws of the game run daily every 5 minutes with Lucky 7 starting from 09:00:00 AM to 04:55:00AM (GMT+2) and Lucky 5 every 5 minutes starting from 09:02:35 AM to 04:57:35 AM (GMT+2).
                The organizer has the right to change the time and duration of the broadcasts.

5.6.2       Longer breaks are allowed (1-5 cancelled draws in a row) when due to technical failures in the studio. All bets placed on these draws are void and stakes are returned to the players.
5.6.3       Results of each draw and an archive for the broadcasts can be found on the game organizer‘s website.