iPay - New Deposit Solution - Website Method

iPay - Deposit solution at Hollywoodbets

iPAY is Hollywoodbets newest payment portal for making Instant EFT deposits into your Hollywoodbets account! The new system is seamless, where you never leave the page, and the deposit is credited to your Hollywoodbets account immediately! No human interaction, and no waiting. All you need is your bank's internet banking login details. Please note that all personal data remains entirely safe and private. Follow the steps below to learn how to use the new system, and make a deposit with iPAY today.

*Please note this is only available for clients using the new Hollywoodbets system on web.hollywoodbets.net or mob.hollywoodbets.net. It will be available for old website and mobisite users soon. 

Below is the method using the NEW Hollywoodbets DESKTOP WEBSITE. For the Mobisite method click here!

1) Login to your Hollywoodbets account

2) Click on Deposit

Click on the DEPOSIT button on the Hollywoodbets website

3) Click on Payment Portal

Click on Payment Portal - Hollywoodbets - Deposit using iPAY

4) Enter the amount you want to deposit

Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your Hollywoodbets account.

5) Click on the 2nd option - iPAY - Instant EFT

Click on the iPay option - Instant EFT - Hollywoodbets

6) You will then be taken to the iPAY portal. You will see your the amount you are depositing as well your account number. Choose the bank you use for internet banking. You have the option of ABSA, Standard Bank, Capitec Bank, FNB, Nedbank and Investec.

You are on the iPay portal with banking options

7) Enter the logins you currently use for your  internet banking. This will log you in via the portal. Reminder - this is NOT your Hollywoodbets logins. These are your bank logins. This is a secure website, and Hollywoodbets or iPAY do not save your information.  All personal data remains entirely safe and private.

Enter your internet banking login details

8) Choose the account you want to use (if you have multiple accounts). Such as a savings account, cheque account, or credit card account. Then click continue.

Select the account you wish to use for your deposit - Savings, Cheque, Credit card

9) You will now receive a OTP (One Time Pin) via your cellphone or email (whichever option you have with your bank). Enter the OTP and click the blue PAY button.

Enter the One Time Pin (OTP) you receive

10) The payment will be processed and you will then receive a payment confirmation page showing you all the details. After a few seconds you will then be redirected to the website.

The iPay portal will begin processing your payment into your Hollywoodbets account

Confirmation iPay page showing the result of your payment into your Hollywoodbets account

Hollywoodbets confirmation page of successful deposit via iPay

11) Refresh your balance, and your account will be updated.

Please contact the Hollywoodbets Helpline on 08600 42387 for any assistance with regards to using the iPAY portal, and we will gladly assist. You can also email us on hwhelpline@hollywoodbets.net.

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