iPAY - Capitec Method - Troubleshooting

Instant EFT with Capitec using iPAY with Hollywoodbets
Instant EFT into your Hollywoodbets account with Capitec and the new iPAY payment portal.

Using I-Pay with Capitec - Troubleshooting

The I-Pay facility with Capitec is almost the same as other banks, except here you need to have a Capitec Banking app. This is because you will not be receiving an OTP, but confirming on your Capitec app that you are remotely accessing your banking account. Here is the method.

1) With Capitec, after choosing the iPAY option on your Hollywoodbets account, you will be prompted to login into your bank:

Login to iPAY portal using your Capitec Internet Banking logins - Hollywoodbets

2) After logging in, a confirmation will pop up notifying you that a confirmation has been sent to your Capitec app:

iPAY pop-up message - App Confirmation Sent - Hollywoodbets

3) From here, go to your Capitec app on your cellphone. You will need to confirm on the application that you are logging in remotely.

Confirm your on Capitec App you are logging in remotely - iPAY Method - Hollywoodbets

4) You will then be prompted to enter your PIN/Password for your Capitec internet banking:

Enter PIN/Password for Capitec internet banking - iPAY - Hollywoodbets

5) After entering your pin you will need to go back to Hollywoodbets payment portal site to continue. Here you will confirm the amount you are depositing. 

6) You will then need to go back to the Capitec app again the confirm this amount. 

7) After this confirmation, the money should reflect on your Hollywoodbets account instantly. If not, please click the refresh button, or refresh your browser.

Please contact the Hollywoodbets Helpline on 08600 42387 for any assistance with regards to using the iPAY portal, and we will gladly assist. You can also email us on hwhelpline@hollywoodbets.net.

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