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Swiss 6/42

The Swiss 6/42 lotto draw takes place twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00. You can play this draw with Lucky Numbers at Hollywoodbets*.

Draw times are:
Wednesday - 18:00
Saturday - 18:00

The results are posted within 2 hours of after each draw. 

The game is based on the same format as SA Powerball.  There are 2 ball sets.

The Main ball set has 42 balls (1-42), of which 6 balls are drawn.

There Extra ball set has 6 balls, of which 1 ball is drawn.

You have the options of betting:

Bet OptionOddsBet R10 & Win
Main Draw Set (1-42)
1 Number5/1R50
2 Numbers50/1R500
3 Numbers450/1R4500
4 Numbers5000/1R50000
Main +  Powa Numba
2 Balls (1 + BB)30/1R300
3 Balls (2 + BB)255/1R2550
4 Balls (3 + BB)2255/1R22550
5 Balls (4 + BB)25000/1R250000

Results for the Swiss 6/42 here: The Lotter - Swiss 6/42 
Results also available here: Lottery Extreme - Swiss 6/42

*This draw is currently unavailable to all KZN branches but online client's and all other regions are able to strike bets.

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