Opinion: Rabada should've remained banned

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Jonhenry Wilson takes a closer look at the decision to downgrade Kagiso Rabada's ban to a level 1 offence. 

This is not a contrived view and certainly won't be popular, but the decision to overturn Kagiso Rabada's ban was wrong. To an extent, a dangerous precedent has been set.

'Do the crime, do the time' comes to mind. Rabada intentionally raised his elbow and shoulder to at least brush, not necessarily barge, Steven Smith.

If anything, the International Cricket Council were too quick to institute the sanction. The first sign of a challenge saw them back track - and Rabada will play at Newlands and the Wanderers after all.

The ICC have seen too many unruly players merely accept penalties before. Suddenly, a South African tyke, armed with a solid legal team, refused to buckle - and the governing body folded instead.

Pity. Any bowler involved in a similar scenario in the future will rope in a lawyer or two and formally question the stance.

Few fans will admit as much, and the Australians won't keep quiet about the reversal, but this was not the right outcome - in a cricketing or character context.

We can all further question and scrutinise the choice the next time Rabada flies off the proverbial handle, over-zealously celebrating the dismissal of a big gun.

Rabada's retention will likely see Morne Morkel remain sidelined. It's becoming increasingly likely that Morkel's final Test series will only yield a single appearance. The Proteas simply won't be able to afford him a fitting goodbye in Johannesburg, if the current composition of the seam attack doesn't require his presence.

That'll be a shame, akin to Kevin Pietersen's exit, which arrived in Sharjah recently. Loyal servants of country and game need to be given proper farewells, not lost to the backpages because of geography and circumstance.

Chris Morris, of course, has been added to the squad. Here's hoping, nay, trusting, the selectors are not thinking of pushing him into the playing XI ahead of Theunis de Bruyn. If de Bruyn isn't retained, his spot should go to Wiaan Mulder, if not Temba Bavuma.

What would it say to a young and impressionable Mulder, who was in the original squad, if Morris - a late addition - was picked ahead of him? Pecking orders have their place, but not for the immensely talented Mulder, who is far superior with bat, ball and promise to Morris.

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Written by Jonhenry Wilson for Hollywoodbets

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