Predictor Game - soccer world cup

Soccer world cup predictor game

You could win your share of prizes to the value of R20 000 in our soccer world cup predictor game!

Play our predictor game over seven gameweeks. Predict the result of each match in the soccer world cup. Points will be awarded to players for every correct pick, determined by the odds of your pick. The points are indicated on each prediction.

Cash and betting voucher prizes will be awarded to the top weekly and overall players. You will be able to track your overall progress on our leaderboard as soon as the first game is complete.

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We will be giving away R20 000 worth of prizes over the course of the soccer world cup! Check out the prize and gameweek breakdown below:

How it works

Points will be awarded to players for every correct pick. Points will be determined by the price of the result on the predictor game entrants select. For example:

Russia 1.4 | Draw 4.25 | Saudi Arabia 9.25

If the entrant picks the draw and the game ends 0-0, the entrant will win 4.25 points. Incorrect picks yield no points.

The game is broken down into seven gameweeks as follows:


Gameweek 1 (Round 1 of group games) 
Open predictions – 1 June to 14 June 16:55
Close 14 June 16:55

Gameweek 2 (Round 2 of group games) 
Open predictions – 14 June 16:55
Close 19 June 19:55

Gameweek 3 (Round 3 of group games) 
Open predictions – 19 June 19:55
Close 24 June 19:55

Gameweek 4 (Round of 16) 
Open - 28 June 20:30
Close - 30 June 15:55

Gameweek 5 (Quarter-Finals) 
Open - 4 July 20:30
Close- 6 July 15:55

Gameweek 6 (Semi-Finals) 
Open - 7 July 20:30
Close – 10 July 19:30

Gameweek 7 (final and third place match) 
Open – 11 July 20:30
Close – 14 July 15:55


Prizes will be rewarded at the end of every gameweek to the top five finishers for that round. Prizes are broken down as follows:

  • First: R500 betting voucher 
  • Second: R300 betting voucher 
  • Third: R250 betting voucher 
  • Fourth: R150 betting voucher 
  • Fifth: R100 betting voucher
  • In addition to the above prizes, one entrant will be drawn at random to receive a R100 betting voucher.
There will be three overall cash prizes given away to the top three overall players at the end of the World Cup. Prizes will be broken down as follows:
  • First Place: R5000 cash 
  • Second Place: R3000 cash 
  • Third Place: R2000 cash
Dead heat rules apply in the event of ties.

Terms and conditions apply. See T's and C's here.

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