WATCH: Neymar to Pick Himself Up

WATCH: Neymar to Pick Himself Up

In a recent advert by Gillette Brasil, Neymar confronts his critics by explaining some of his recent actions at the soccer world cup. 

"You may think I overreact. And sometimes I do. But for real? I suffer on the pitch.

But you have no idea what I go through outside of it.

When I leave without talking to the press it's not because I only like winning but because I still don't know how to disappoint you.

When I act like a brat, it isn't because I'm a spoiled child, but because I still haven't learnt to deal with my frustrations.

There's still a boy inside of me, sometimes it dazzles the world other times, it pisses every one off, and my fight is to keep this boy alive. But inside of me not inside the field.

You may think I've fallen too much, But the reality is I did not fall. I crumbled. And that hurts more than anyone stepping on your post-op ankle.

I took time to accept your criticism, I took time to look myself in the mirror and become a new man. But now I'm here, with my heart wide open.

I fell but only those who fall can get up.

You can keep throwing rocks at me or you can throw your rocks away and help me get up.

Because when I do get up, the whole country gets up with me."

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