Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: Opinion: The Proteas must appoint a full-time technical team as soon as possible

Opinion: The Proteas must appoint a full-time technical team as soon as possible

The Proteas must appoint a full-time technical team as soon as possible

The Test whitewash in India should set alarm bells ringing at Cricket South Africa Headquarters and light a fire under them to appoint a full-time coaching staff.

CSA's structural transformation of the coaching structure was intended to give the Proteas a long-term vision but as long as the coaching staff are 'in transition' the team will simply drift.

In the realm of professional sport, when you are standing still, you might as well be going backwards.

The Proteas were overwhelmed by a superior opponent in Virat Kohli's team. Kohli's team is one driven by a purpose and singular vision in stark contrast to South Africa. The BCCI have established the practice of only offering one-year deals to the head coach but that hasn't affected the team's vision which has been driven by the skipper.

The Proteas skipper did a fair amount of deflecting and excusing after the third Test defeat in Ranchi but did affirm his commitment to guide South Africa through a 'transition'. That's hardly a long-term commitment though unless the Proteas intend to follow the model of the West Indies and Sri Lanka and remain in transition perpetually.

Du Plessis referred to both the transition in technical staff and the Proteas bid to replace a trio of superstars who retired in the last year. His task is an unenviable one with so much entirely out of his hands.

The Proteas appear, from outside at least, to have mentally disintegrated when faced with arguably the toughest task in world cricket, facing India in India.

Batting has been a weakness that has undermined the Proteas efforts across all three formats since the retirement of AB de Villiers. Whoever is appointed to direct the Proteas will need to address this weakness as a priority.

Inexperience can only be an excuse for the players who are new to the setup, but the senior professionals have folded alongside the rookies.

The Proteas need somebody at the helm who will relentlessly drive the team to succeed and better itself.

Cricket in South Africa cannot afford a mediocre national team for any great length of time. The success of the Proteas in integral to ensuring that the sport can attract participants at every level. With the bulk of South Africans disconnected from franchise cricket the game's future is tied to the fortunes of the Proteas.

The Proteas are going nowhere without a full-time coach or director of cricket and CSA need to act, either by giving Corrie van Zyl and Enoch Nkwe their positions in a full-time capacity or by appointing people with the vision to carry the team forward.

Written by James Richardson for Hollywoodbets. 

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