Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: Covid-19 - Lucky Numbers Updates

Covid-19 - Lucky Numbers Updates

Covid-19 - Lucky Numbers Updates

Covid-19 continues to have wide-reaching consequences on sports and lotteries around the world. This article will be updated daily with any news of suspended/reinstated draws as well as changes in draw times. Make sure to bookmark this page and check it once daily. 

Daylight Savings

Suspended Draws

A number of draws around the world have been suspended due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. We'll make sure to update this list daily, so make sure to check it out before planning which numbers you want to take.
  1. Morocco 6/49
  2. Malaysia Magnum
  3. Mauritius
  4. All Philippines Draws
  5. All Romania Draws
  6. Sri Lanka Kotipathi
  7. All Puerto Rico Draws
  8. All Trinidad and Tobago Draws
  9. Mexico Melate, Revancha, Revenchita, Spark and Metro
  10. Peru Ganadiaro
  11. St Lucia

Time Changes

Please note that the three Russian Draws will have new closing times here at Hollywoodbets.

Russia 5/36:

48 draws daily, with a draw taking place every 30 minutes!

Russia 7/49: 

10:30 draw – closes at 09:29

13:30 draw – closes at 12:29

15:30 draw – closes at 14:29

19:00 draw – closes at 17:59

22:30 draw – closes at 21:29

Russia 5/50:

13:00 draw – closes at 11:59

16:00 draw – closes at 14:59

19:30 draw – closes at 18:29

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