Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: Understand Betgames Africa's Speedy 7

Understand Betgames Africa's Speedy 7

We take a quick look at the thrilling Speedy 7 game brought to you by Betgames Africa and Hollywoodbets.

Speedy 7 is a live dealer game that allows punters to predict the correct colour of the card to be dealt. The game consists of 7 betting rounds, during which the punter can predict the next card to be revealed. Punters can place their bets before the first card is drawn and during the 13 seconds between each round. Although Speedy 7 is only available online, it is streamed around the clock, allowing punters to play at any time they please.


There are only two betting options to choose from during each betting round, whether the next card to be drawn will be Red or Black. The first betting round starts before the game start, allowing punters to predict what colour the next card to be dealt will be. After each card draw, the dealer allows 13 seconds for the punters to place their bets until the last and 7th card has been drawn. After each drawing round, a cash out option is made available for those who do not wish to continue. A new streak can, however, be opened during a new betting round even after cashing out.

The odds offered in this fast-paced game vary as they depend on the outcome of the previous draw until all seven cards have been drawn. Stakes can be selected in multiples of R1, R3, R5 or R10, and they are available on the play screen. The minimum amount required for placing bets is R1. 


The 4-card streak Bonus

Bonus for a lucky streak of four betting rounds can be won by players who have correctly guessed four cards in a row in the same draw without using taking cash out option, the player will receive a Bonus on the initial stake regardless of the subsequent outcome of player’s game.

The 7-card streak Bonus. 

Bonus for a lucky streak of seven betting rounds can be won by players who started playing from the first betting round and have guessed all cards correctly without using taking cash out option. The Bonus will be paid out as an additional winning calculated by fixed odds multiplied by the stake of player’s initial bet.


Betting round – time allocated for players bets to be accepted.

Odds – numerical expression determined on the mathematical probability of an outcome, which is multiplied by the amount of the player’s stake to calculate the winnings.

Colour – one out of two suit colours: Red (Hearts, Diamonds) and Black (Spades, Clubs).

Lucky streak – the number of bets the player has won in a row in one draw - without missing any of the betting rounds.

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