Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: Understanding Betgames Africa 6+ Poker

Understanding Betgames Africa 6+ Poker

We take a look at the exciting 6+ Poker brought to you by Betgames Africa and Hollywoodbets.

6+ Poker is an online card game played between two sides, the Player and the Dealer. The game is a similar variation to the standard Poker, the likes of "Texas Hold Em Poker" but with a reduced card deck of 36 cards. 


The first betting round begins before the game starts, allowing punters to place a bet on one or more of the available betting outcomes. The bets placed in this first betting round can only count for that round. Once the first betting round is over, the Dealer deals two cards facing up to the Player’s hand, and two cards facing down to the Dealer’s hands. The second betting round begins, once this round ends, the Dealer deals the flop (three Community cards) face-up, the Odds are then updated on the screen. The third betting round then begins about 10 seconds before the Dealer deals the turn (the fourth Community card) face-up, the Odds are updated. The fourth betting round begins, once this round is done the Dealer then discards  one card from the top of the Deck and deals the river (the fifth community card). The odds are updated and the fifth betting round begins, once this round is finished the Dealer reveals the two facedown cards on the dealer’s hand, the odds are updated and winnings are determined and paid out.

The odds for this game are updated after every draw and do not stay the same for every betting round. Like all our Betgames Africa Draws, this game is streamed around the clock and punters can log in to their online betting account to access and play at any time. This draw allows you to bet any amount from as low as just one rand (R1.00) making it convenient even for first-time players.



Player Wins: 2.00
Dealer Wins: 2.00
Split: 13.00


High card: 415.00
One pair: 7.50
Two pairs: 2.50
Straight: 4.50
Three of a kind: 8.20
Full house: 7.00
Flush:  25.00
Four of a kind: 90.00
Straight flush: 450.00
Royal flush: 500.00

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