Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: This Week's Lucky Numbers

This Week's Lucky Numbers

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It has been an exciting week as we have seen more and more winners every day with Hollywoodbets. With our latest biggest winner yet bagging R800 000/R200 on Russia Gosotto 7/49, another winner of R500 000/R1000 on Russia Gosotto 6/45 and a R50 000/1 winner on UK Free weekly draw. Here are three more draws Hollywoodbets offers that are well worth a dabble!


This draw consists of 49 numbers where 6 are drawn with a bonus numbers drawn in the same set of numbers. Draws take place Wednesday and Saturdays with betting closing at 20:00. The odds are:

1 number (main set & bonus): 11/2
2 numbers (main set & bonus): 52/1
3 numbers (main set & bonus): 400/1
4 numbers (main set & bonus): 4 000/1
Bonus: 45/1
Single Digit: 43/1


This draw consists of 44 numbers where 7 are drawn. No bonus is drawn. Draws take place every day with betting closing at 12:00. The odds are:

1 number (main set): 47/10
2 numbers (main set): 38/1
3 numbers (main set): 300/1
4 numbers (main set): 3 000/1
5 numbers (main set): 33 000/1


This draw consists of 90 numbers where 6 are drawn. A bonus ball is then drawn from the same set with betting closing at 18:00. Draws take place Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The odds are:

1 number (main set & Bonus): 10/1
2 numbers (main set & bonus): 150/1
3 numbers (main set & bonus): 2 500/1
4 numbers (main set & bonus): 50 000/1
Bonus: 80/1
Single Digit: 8/1

Please be aware that BetGames will be changing lotto draw times for Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7 to run every 4 minutes. Currently, draw times are running every 5 minutes. This means more draws will be available throughout the day in retail and online which will be effective from 1 June 2020. 

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