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This Week's Lucky Numbers

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As the sixth month of the year commences, be sure to remember that you too can be part of our daily Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers winners as shown in the previous weeks. A massive congratulations go out to all winners with one of our clients winning R200 000/R500 on Russia Goslotto 7/49. There was also a R90 000/R3 winner on Canada’s Quebec Sprinto and the Russia 6/45 winner of R550 000/R1000! These are just a few of the many big winners this week! 


In this new exciting draw, one is to predict the first number drawn in the corresponding Russia Goslotto 5/36 Draw.

Eg: If the Russia Goslotto 5/36 18:00 combination of numbers is: 12, 23, 15, 06, 33.

This means the winning number for the 18:00 FAFI draw will be 12 because number 12 was drawn first. The draw takes place daily every 30 minutes.

The odds are: 1 number(main set): 32/1


In this draw, 6 numbers are drawn from 1 to 38 and an extra number is then drawn from a different set of 1 to 8. Draws take place Mondays & Thursdays with betting closing at 14:00. The odds are:

1 number (1 main set): 9/2
2 numbers (2 main set): 38/1
2 numbers (1 main set & 1 bonus): 40/1
3 numbers (3 main set): 340/1
3 numbers (2 main set & 1 bonus): 300/1
4 numbers (4 main set): 3 750/1
4 numbers (3 main set & 1 bonus): 2 500/1
Bonus: 6/1


This draw consist of 77 numbers where 4 are drawn. No bonus numbers is drawn. Draws take place every day with betting closing at 17:00. The odds are:

1 number (main set): 16/1
2 numbers (main set): 400/1
3 numbers (main set): 14 000/1

Wishing all our clients an amazing week. Goodluck.

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