Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: OPINION: Enough is enough - Proteas call out Cricket South Africa

OPINION: Enough is enough - Proteas call out Cricket South Africa

Enough is enough - Proteas call out Cricket South Africa

Cricket South Africa have been called out for their serial failures as administrators, not by the media or former players but by their contracted men's and women's Proteas.

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Under a string of unfit leaders, the players say Cricket South Africa have steered the game towards the brink of ruin.

Significantly, it is the currently contracted players who have publicly called out the board.

All 30 contracted Proteas signed the open letter sent to the Cricket South Africa board and the media.

The letter reads: "As Proteas cricketers, we are proud to be representatives of South Africa. We have reached the pinnacle of our playing careers, and we strive for excellence every time we walk onto the field.

"We play for every South African. This year has been challenging. COVID has already cost our teams tours to the West Indies, Sri Lanka and England, and we are all hoping that the Proteas Men we will be able to commence the international season against England in the summer.

"However, as Proteas players, both men and women, we are concerned about the future of our game. At Board and Operational level, Cricket South Africa has lurched from crisis to crisis over the past year. Issues such as suspensions, dismissals, resignations, forensic audits, confidential leaks, litigation and financial mismanagement have dominated the cricket headlines. This is happening at a time when we are having challenging conversations about transformation, and in an environment where the financial viability of the game is under major threat.

"High standards are expected of us as players. To succeed as Proteas teams, we know we have to put aside personal differences and work together.

"We require the same of our administrators. Politics and self-interest appear to trump cricket imperatives and good governance. Decisions must be made that are in the best interests of cricket, failing which the game we love may be irreparably damaged in this country. The Proteas teams must be strong, the domestic structure must be strong, and the transformation pipeline must be strong - we demand that this be the focus of the CSA Board and Operational Team."

It is an unusual and unprecedented step for the players to communicate directly with the administrators of the game, and it suggests that cricket is really in dire straits.

As the top contracted professionals, the Proteas should all be in a reasonably comfortable position, certainly in comparison to franchise and semi-professional cricketers. Still, it doesn't take a forensic audit to see that Cricket South Africa's house of cards is close to coming tumbling down. There is no telling what might happen to the sport if the organisation continues to be maladministered.

The players have not spoken through agents of their union but have openly signed their name on a document that in effect tells off their employers.

It was a bold move and one that may just help force much-needed structural reform on Cricket South Africa.

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