Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: OPINION: Rollercoaster IPL highlights challenges of the bubble

OPINION: Rollercoaster IPL highlights challenges of the bubble


The 2020 Indian Premier League has been a rollercoaster ride so far offering a real mixed bag of cricket from players shaking off varying degrees of rust.

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It would have been difficult for players to come straight out of lockdown into a major T20 tournament but on top of that players are facing the unique challenges of the bio-bubble.

Professional cricketers may be well-acquainted with hotel rooms, but they are not so accustomed to being confined to them for long stretches.

It is clear that the players relish the relative freedom of being out on the park doing what they love to do.

There have been no reported breaches of the bio-bubble with some players helped by being allowed to bring their families with them into the bio-bubble.

Maintaining the bio-secure environments has come at a steep price for tournament organisers, but that expense pales in comparison to the prospective losses of a called-off tournament. 

The area that has seen the most significant variation in standards has been fielding with some teams and individuals seemingly plagued by errors. Unusual lighting and a great deal of display screens around the ground have been accused of causing problems for some players, but some of it appears to be down to a lack of cricket.

As the tournament wears on the players could find the bubble becomes suffocating, especially for the more socially gregarious of individuals who may grow tired of seeing the same faces.

The various team's managers have tried to ensure players have adequate outlets, including entertainment areas and gym equipment.

The teams will all do well to prevent any tension from simmering over and will likely hope the players channel any frustration into their performances.

Mental strength will be a vital component of the team that finally ends up winning the 2020 IPL.

Written by James Richardson for Hollywoodbets 

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