Hollywoodbets Sports Blog: Husband and wife due add to their festive cheer on Christmas Eve

Husband and wife due add to their festive cheer on Christmas Eve

R552 900 Big Win

An unemployed 59-year old from Limpopo had even more reason to celebrate this festive season as she won R552 900 from a R20 bet taken on UK49’s Afternoon Draw! 

Two women looking excitedly at cellphone

The punter made use of the Hollywoodbets mobisite with the assistance of her husband, they randomly selected the numbers to place a R20 bet and secured 3 balls in the main set (19,15,8).

Upon checking her phone on Christmas eve with her husband, they saw the win and exclaimed “WOW – WE WON!” The parents of 4 were happy and thrilled at their latest win having never won anything over R50 000 before. The punters have for the past two years bet daily with Hollywoodbets. 

The winnings came at an ideal time as the couple of 39 years will be able to pay off the school fees for 2 of their children who still attend school, see to some house maintenance as well as invest the remainder of the money.

The Punter’s expressed their gratitude to Hollywoodbets calling the company “lovely” and were already making their way to a branch in Limpopo to place their bets further cementing a punter’s choice to place either in person bets at their closest Hollywoodbets branch or take a bet via the Hollywoodbets mobisite!

Bet selection: 3 Balls Main Set (19, 15, 8)

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