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Sense prevails as ICC moves T20 World Cup

The lessons learned from the aborted Indian Premier League likely informed the International Cricket Council’s decision to move the T20 World Cup out of India.

New Zealand Celebrate Wicket - T20 World Cup Sense Prevails

The ICC have correctly decided to move the upcoming T20 World Cup from India to the UAE.

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The venue has been shifted to the United Arab Emirates and Oman, with the tournament set to run from 17 October to 14 November.

It has become apparent that the UAE have some of the best facilities to stage sporting events during a pandemic, and the choice can’t really be argued with.

Australia have missed out on their chance to host but cricket organisers would probably prefer to stage the event when they can boast the full backing of their government. Recent tours to Australia have proven difficult because of how the country’s federal state authorities have handled the health crisis. Cricket Australia are likely to be happy to host another event in the near future, when conditions have improved.

There were really no other solid choices for hosting the event with New Zealand largely closed off to outsiders, England equally wary and South Africa, India and Pakistan struggling to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The BCCI will remain the hosts of the T20 World Cup, but it will now be held at four venues across the middle east, namely the Dubai International Stadium, the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, the Sharjah Stadium, and the Oman Cricket Academy Ground in Al Amarat.

None of the parties involved could risk a re-run of the IPL or Pakistan Super League, with both T20 showpieces forced to suspend play due to multiple COVID-19 breaches and positive tests among the playing groups.

The UAE successfully staged the 2020 IPL as well as a number of other high-profile sports events.

At this stage, it appears unlikely that any fans will be allowed to attend the next edition of the T20 World Cup, but it will at least go ahead five years after the West Indies won the last iteration.

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