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Betgames Africa FAQS

BetGames FAQs

Betgames Africa FAQS

How do I get onto the Betgames Africa website?

If using your computer please go to

  • If you have a Hollywood account, please LOGIN. Once you have logged in, follow the next step.
  • On the event browser (bar on the left hand side), click on the BETGAMES AFRICA tab.  This will automatically take you to the Betgames Africa website.

If using your mobile phone, please go to

  • If you have a Hollywood account, please LOGIN. Once you have logged in, follow the next step.
  • On the menu list, click on the BETGAMES AFRICA tab. This will automatically take you to the Betgames Africa website.


Can I use funds from my Hollywood account to play?

Yes. You must have funds in your Hollywood account in order to play Betgames Africa. However, you need to transfer funds from your Hollywood account to your Betgames Africa account to start playing. Follow the steps below:


1. In the right hand corner you will see your current balance.

2. You can use one of the preset transfers to put money in your account (R100, R500, R1000).

3. You can also choose your own amount that you will like to deposit.  Type in your amount in the open field and click the TRANSFER button.

4. You will receive a confirmation message to confirm your deposit amount.  Click Continue to process the transfer.


5. You will then see the funds in your account and you can start playing:


How do I withdraw funds/winnings from my Betgames Africa account?

Withdrawing from your Betgames Africa account is quick and simple. Funds withdrawn from your BGA account will be returned to your Hollywoodbets account. You then follow the steps from there to request a withdrawal to your personal bank account.

Withdrawing on your Desktop Computer:
To withdraw from your BGA account, click on the drop down where it says your name, Main Account and Hollywood balance in the top right hand corner of the screen. The drop down menu will have the button WITHDRAWAL. Click this.

Withdrawal BetgamesAfrica
The withdrawal button for Betgames Africa is listed on the drop down menu on your HW balance

A pop up box will come up. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your account in the field. Once you are happy click the CONTINUE button.

Withdrawal BetgamesAfrica1
Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your BGA account. 

You will then get a confirmation notice on your screen showing you that the withdrawal has been processed, and the fund are back into your Hollywood account.

Withdrawal BetgamesAfrica2
You have successfully withdrawn funds from your Betgames Africa account.

Withdrawing on your mobile/cellphone:
To withdraw from your BGA account, click on the button box with three lines in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will bring up a drop down menu.  Next to your name and balance, there is a drop down menu. Click this and it will bring up the WITHDRAWAL button. Click this.

Withdrawal BetgamesAfrica3
Withdrawing from your BGA account on your mobile

On the pop up box, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and then click Continue.

Withdrawal BetgamesAfrica4

A confirmation will come up showing that the amount has been transferred to your Hollywoodbets account.

Withdrawal BetgamesAfrica5
You have successfully withdrawn from your BGA account

How will I know which game is up next?

There are 2 available draws to bet on with Betgames Africa. There is the 7/42 draw and 5/36 draw. On your dashboard, you will see the two draws. The next draw will be highlighted in BLUE (7/42) or PURPLE (5/36).  There is a timer showing the time left until the draw starts, as well as how long you have to place your bets.


What are the different bets I can take on each draw?

The next available draw will have all your available bet types beneath the video display. Betgames offers more bet types than ever, so go through each one and select your bet type! There are also various bet types you can bet on, so go through the various drop down menus to see the different options. Please note that the bet options do vary between the 7/42 and 5/36 draws.


Definition of Odds Display for Betgames Africa

Betgames Africa (BGA) Odds
The odds currently displayed on the Betgames Africa platform is done in European style. These odds include the player’s stake.  This means that the total payout is worked our by multiplying the stake by the odds.


So with the example off, the odds here are shown as 5.70.

This means that if you bet a R20 stake. your payout would be calculated as:

5.70 x R20 = R114

The payout you would be given is R114.  This includes your R20 stake.

To understand how it would be shown in South Africa, read below.

RSA Odds
These are the decimal fixed odds that are common to players in South Africa. The stake is not included in the odds.  Therefore these odds indicate what would be won if 1 unit was played, but does not include the stake. The stake will be returned along with the payout to the player.

If the European (BGA) odds above is 5.70, this includes the stake which is 1. Therefore the RSA odds would be displayed as 4.70 (5.70 – 1) as RSA odds does not include the stake. It still works out the same as the stake in RSA odds is returned to you in the payout.

4.70 x R20 = R94

R94 + R20 stake back = R114

Fractional Odds
These are the fractional fixed odds that are common to players in South Africa. This is the old way of calling odds, and is displayed here to communicate the equivalent to the BGA Odds. The decimal equivalent of fractional odds is calculated as a direct division of the fraction (left number divided by right number). Click here to view how fractional odds are equal to decimal odds.

How do I place my first bet?

  1. Following the steps above, select the bet type you want to bet on. In the example below we select the “2 balls to be dropped” option.
  2. Select the 2 balls you want to be dropped from the number grid.
  3. Your selected numbers will show below the number grid
  4. Select the amount you want to bet from the preselected amounts
  5. Or you can enter your own amount in the ‘enter stake’ section
  6. Check your bet and then click PLACE BET
Click to Enlarge. The steps are related to the numbers on the image.

How do I know the draws are LIVE? I want to know more about the studio. 

With 10 seconds to go before every numbers draw, the video display switches to a LIVE STUDIO, currently based in Lithuania. There are various factor to show that the draws are LIVE, and are listed by the numbers on the image below:
  1. There is a TV in studio showing a live TV channel feed, normally showing LIVE sport. As they are based in Europe, they normally have EuroSport TV on (the equivalent of Supersport in Europe). This proves the draw is live
  2. The Betgames Host (or dealer as they are known) is present for every LIVE draw. She presents the numbers and the results.
  3. The Lottery Machine is shown live to show that the draw is actively done, and the balls are drawn LIVE.
  4. The CLOCKS on the wall show the CURRENT time in the different cities around Europe and South Africa. You will see the clock labelled JOHANNESBURG.
  5. The chute shows the dropped numbers for the draw.
  6. The zoomed-in camera shows the results as displayed in the chute. The movements correlate to the dealers movements to show it is live and real. 
BetGamesAfrica 536 Host FAQS
The Betgames Studio showing the Lucky 5 draw

I need to save data while playing Betgames. How can I do this?

You can save data by not watching the LIVE STREAM of the draws. You can do this by clicking the GRAPHICAL INTERFACE button as shown below. This will only show you the result for the draw. Make sure you click the button to enable this. You must do this for each draw you play.

Graphical Interface
Click the graphical interface button

Graphical Interface1
If it says “Run started” the draw is now in progress

Graphical Interface2
The result will be shown once the draw is complete

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