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HollySixa: How Does It Work?

HollySixa: How Does It Work?

Hollywoodbets FAQ

The Holly Sixa is an exciting new pick six bet where the chosen matches are for Hollywoodbets only. 

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Instead of a pool dividend being distributed between winners, a punter receives the multiple of all the final Hollywoodbets prices (Starting Price – S.P.) of the particular fixtures.

This bet gives a punter an opportunity to take more than one option on the outcome of a game (e.g. home win & draw; home win & away win; or the field!).

This gives everyone a greater chance of winning without the lesser odds of a double chance (A winner receives the price for the final result of a game).

The cost of taking a Holly Sixa is determined by the amount of options taken and the order in which they are, for example refer to the following Holly Sixa:

(Please note this pool is a specimen only!)

Sixa International – (P1) Saturday
Sat 06
Supersport United
Orlando Pirates
Inter Milan
Columbus Crew
Colorado Rapids

Examples Selections:
M1 – Everton (3)
M2 – Sunderland & Draw (1;2)
M3 – Orlando Pirates (3)
M4 – Inter Milan (1)
M5 – Lyon (3)
M6 – Columbus crew & Draw & Colorado Rapids i.e. field (1;2;3)

These selections (3 x 1,2 x 3 x 1 x 3 x 1,2,3) have 6 combinations and will therefore cost R6 to be taken one time.

To work out the number combinations in your Holly Sixa simply multiply the amount of options per leg together, e.g. for this bet: 1x2x1x1x1x3 options equals 6 combinations.

Increase your winnings by taken the bet more than once or take a percentage of the winnings (e.g. R5 for 83%).  

This is not only a multiple but also an exotic bet so the pay-out will only be determined once all the games have been completed, therefore don’t be alarmed when your ticket has no final price/pay-out, you will be paid accordingly to the S.P. for each particular match.


1. This bet type can only be taken with the matches that have been allocated to the pool – one cannot add personally preferred games to the pick 6 bet like a normal multiple.

2. This bet type is for Hollywood only, i.e. Holly Sixa is not linked to the ‘Soccer 6’ organised by Saftote.  

3. Dividends are determined from the multiple of the Hollywood S.P. for the winning options of the particular games

4. Holly Sixa will be closed when the first match starts. One cannot take a bet on remaining matches once the first match has kicked off. All 6 matches have to be bet upon.

5. If a match in the Holly Sixa is postponed beyond midnight of the day it was scheduled to play then that particular match will be abandoned. This means that the leg will be void and all bets going into that game will be carried forward to the next leg regardless of what option was taken. This does however mean that no odds for that match will factored in.

6. All results are based on the score at the end of the match (excluding extra time and penalty shoot outs).

7. If all the matches as designated in the Holly Sixa fixtures card are abandoned, all bets shall be void.

Terms and Conditions

Holly Sixa Bet

The Holly Sixa bet is to select the result of six matches in any sport as designated by Hollywood in its sole discretion on a daily basis.  There are three possible results for each match viz: 1 – Team A to win; 2 – Draw; 3 – Team B to win.

If a match or matches as designated in the Holly Sixa fixture list is not completed by midnight of the day on which it was scheduled to be played, it shall be treated as abandoned, all Holly Sixa bets thereon shall be void and such match or matches shall not contribute to the full multiplied odds dividend.  If a match was played prior to the day prescribed by the Holly Sixa fixture list, then Holly Sixa bets thereon shall be void.

If all the matches as designated in the Holly Sixa fixtures card are abandoned, all bets thereon shall be void.

Dividends and Results

The dividend shall be no less than the full multiplied full time odds (at the time of kick off as displayed on the Hollywood website) of the winning permutation.  All results are based on the score at the end of the match (excluding extra time and penalty shoot outs).

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