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How To Take Special Place Bets – Durban July 2016 – Hollywoodbets Website


July Fever is in the air and we’ve certainly caught it at Hollywoodbets! We are offering an incredible six place payout as one of our special Durban July markets. Which means not only can you take our standard place bet (top four places) but you will also be able to bet on your horse to place in the top 2, top 3, top 4, top 5, or top 6.


How to take a Place Bet as well as how to take a Special Place bet
*Please note the below method applies only to those on the new Hollywoodbets website (web.hollywoodbets,net)


The special market is easy to find and is identical to the way in which you would take a normal place bet as you can see from the example above.

Simply visit the Hollywoodbets website (, log in with your username and password and then click on the horse racing tab, the South Africa tab, and then the Greyville Turfpoly tab. This is where you will find the Durban July tab which is listed as Race 7 (The Durban July).

Click on this tab and it will bring up the Durban July field sheet. Once you have accessed the sheet, you will be able to select which horse you want to bet on.

*Please ensure that you also know the correct name or number of your horse.
*Special place bets will be available on not just the Durban July (Race 7), but on all of the races happening at Greyville on Saturday 02 July. The same process can be followed for all the other races. Please ensure you know which race you want to bet on, though. (not available on old website).

To take a special/normal place bet, simply click on the drop-down menu which is on the far right-hand side of your screen in line with which horse you want to select (this box will originally say Fixed-Win). Click the arrow in the box and a drop down menu will appear (The menu has been circled in red in the image below.) This menu will allow you to select how many places you want.

The current Durban July favourite Bela-Bela has been selected in the above example. If you wanted to select French Navy on a place bet you would click on the drop-down menu in line with its name (as is illustrated in the example below).

You can select from two places to six places. So if you back the six place market and your horse finishes in the top six you win. If you back the three place market and your horse finishes in the top 3, you win.

So let’s say you put R10 on Solid Speed to finish in the top 3 at 28/10 and R10 on Its My Turn to finish in the top 6 at 9/10. Therefore if Solid Speed finishes in the top 3 you will win R28 (plus your R10 stake back). If It’s My Turn runs in the top 6, you will and R9 (plus your R10 back).


The above image is of last year’s Durban July finish. If you had taken Power King or Punta Arenas to place in the top two you would have won. If you had taken Power King, or Punta Arenas, or Tellina to place in the top three you would have won. And if you had taken one of the top six finishers -Power King, Punta Arenas, Tellina, Futura, Legal Eagle, French Navy – on a six place bet, you would have won.

*Please note that the odds will increase with the fewer amount of places selected and will decrease with a higher amount of places. Please also note that a 6% deduction on horse racing winnings is applied.

How to take a  place bet and our special place bet on our MobisiteIf you don’t have a cellphone betting account you can set one up by following these steps provided on this link — > How to start betting on your mobile phoneIf you already have an account, then simply log on to . You will then arrive at our home screen. You can then log in to your account.

Hollywoodbets How To Take An Open Bet On Our Mobisite

Once you have arrived at the home page, click on betting (this has been circled in red in the above image). This will take you to our sports page. Click on horse racing (which is the top tab and has been circled in the image below)

Click on this tab and then click on the South Africa Tab which is circled in red below.


Then click on the Greyville TurfPoly tab which is circled below.

Then you will be able to select your race. *The Durban July is race number 7 and is circled in the image below.

Click on the race 7 tab and then click on the tab with your horses’ name on it.

Once you have done this the screen display will look like it does below.

You will then click on the bet type drop down menu and the screen will look like it does below. You can select from 2 to 6 places.

Select the Open-Place option on the drop-down menu. And then click on the add to bet slip option which is circled in the image below.

Then click on the bet slip option at the bottom of the page. This has been circled in the image below.

You then insert the amount of money you’d like to place on the horse in the stake box and then select submit, which has been circled in the below image.

Taking Places on Old Website
This is for account holders still using

If using the old website, the different place markets can be found under the Durban July tab, under Horse Racing. You will see the options for 2, 3, 5 or 6 fixed odds places. If you wish to bet on 4 places, please go to Greyville Turf/Poly, and take a normal place bet. Image below shows the special markets:

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