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What are Fractional Odds?

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Traditionally favoured by bookmakers, FRACTIONAL ODDS quote the net amount that a punter can win relative to his stake.

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Odds of 4/1 (“four-to-one”) would imply that the bettor stands to make a R400 profit on a R100 stake.

If the odds are 1/4 (read “one-to-four”), the bettor will win R25 on a R100 stake.

Should he win, the bettor always receives his original stake back, so if the odds are 4/1 you would actually receive a total of R 500 in return (R400 plus the original R100). 

All winning bets on horse racing are subject to a 6% Betting Tax. E.g. on a winning bet of 400/100 you will receive R400 – (6% of R400) + R100 = R400 – R24 + R100 = R476 (6% of R400 = R24).

Sport bets (soccer, rugby, etc.) are not subject to a betting tax in Gauteng, KZN or Western Cape.  However a tax is levied in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape.  For example, If you win R100 from a soccer multiple, then your payout will be R100, except in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape where your payout will be R94 (R100 – R6). 

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