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What is the “1st Scoring Points” Market?

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1st Scoring Points breakdown

This market allows the punter to bet on which team, and which method, will be used to score the first points of the game in a rugby match. This will be the first points allocated on the scoreboard.

Putting it into practice

If Munster are playing the Stormers, there will be five options:

  1. Munster – Penalty

  2. Munster-  Try

  3. Stormers –  Penalty

  4. Stormers –  Try

  5. Any Team Drop Goal

If the Stormers score a try when the score is 0-0, then the first scoring points will be a Stormers Try.

If Munster get a penalty when the score is 0-0, and they get it through the poles, then the first scoring points will be a Munster penalty.

If either the Stormers or Munster score a drop goal to open the scoring, then the winning option will be Any Team Drop Goal. This is regardless of which team scores the drop goal.

If no points are scored throughout the game, then this market shall be scratched, and all single bets will be refunded (bets in multiples will have that leg scratched).

If one of the above options has occurred, and the game is abandoned, all bets will still stand. 

To find this market, go to the rugby game of choice, and select the market 1ST SCORING POINTS.

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