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Withdrawing from your Hollywoodbets Account on the Website

Withdrawing from your Hollywoodbets Account on the Website

How do I withdraw money from my Hollywood account on the Hollywood website?

Before you request a withdrawal from your account, it’s imperative that you check that your bank account details are correct.  You can check this on your profile. To check your banking details, click here.

Once you have done this, follow these easy steps to request a withdrawal on your Hollywood account.

1) Once you have logged into the Hollywood website, click on the link Account (can be found just underneath the login screen).

2) Click on the tab that says WITHDRAW

3) In the fields provided, enter the amount you wish to withdraw (don’t put the Rand sign), and a reference for the withdrawal.  Then click submit. (In the example below, we withdraw R50).

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4) Once you have clicked submit, you will get a message saying that your withdrawal request has been processed.  If you refresh your account balance, you will see that the R50 has been deducted off your account.

5) Please note that withdrawal requests are only processed during banking hours on weekdays, from Monday to Friday.  Any withdrawal requests received on Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following Monday.  It can take between 24-48 hours for funds to clear through. Should it take longer than this, please phone our helpline on 087 353 7634, and we will put you in contact with our accounts team.

6) If you cannot wait for the money to be transferred, you can withdraw the cash at your nearest Hollywood branch (provided the amount is less than R10 000 and is subject to the availability of cash on site). To find out more about this process click here!



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