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How to Play Lucky Numbers Basics

Lucky Numbers

Are you new to Lucky Numbers with Hollywoodbets but unsure where to start? Take a look at quick guide below to learn how to take your first Lucky Numbers bet!

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Betting on your favourite Lucky Numbers draws has never been easier! Here we’ll take a look at exactly how you go about placing your first Lucky Numbers bet. Remember, the maximum payout for Lucky Numbers is a massive R15 million!

1. Visit the Hollywoodbets Mobisite by clicking here.

Head over to the Hollywoodbets mobisite and log in to your account to get started. Haven’t got an account? No problem! Click here to register!

Hollywoodbets Mobisite Home Screen

2. Select country and draw

Once you’ve logged into your account and selected the Lucky Numbers tab, you’ll be presented with a screen listing all of the countries whose draws are offered here at Hollywoodbets. 

For the sake of our example, we’ll be keeping things local and playing on the SA Daily Lotto draw. Once you’ve selected “South Africa” from the list of countries available, you’ll be presented with the below screen. In our case, we’re going to select the third option – SA DAILY LOTTO. 

Notice the time and date beneath the name? This indicates when the next draw will take place. 

Select the market you want to bet on

The next step involves picking the market that you want to bet on. This refers to your prediction regarding how many of your chosen balls will be drawn. In the case of the South African Daily Lotto, there are four options broken down below. We’ve included the market as well as the price. We’ll explain the prices below as well. 

  • 1 Ball (Main Set) = 5.50 
  • 2 Balls (Main Set) = 55
  • 3 Balls (Main Set) = 550 
  • 4 Balls (Main Set) = 7 500 

The odds are quite simple to work out. Your potential winnings are worked out by multiplying your stake by your price (odds). So if you place a R5 bet on 1 ball to drop. You will multiply your stake (R5) by the odds (5.50) – 5 x 5.50 = 275.

This means that your potential winnings are R27.50.

Select the numbers/s you want to bet on

Next up you’ll need to choose which number/s you want to bet on. In our case, we just want to have a bet on one number. We’ve selected the number 23, but you can choose any number between 1 and 36 for the South African Daily Lotto draw.

This, of course, will change depending on the draw that you select. For example, the South African Powerball Draw allows you to select between 1 and 50 numbers. In the SA Powerball, you can also bet on the result of the bonus ball.

Select your stake

The last thing left for you to do is to select your stake! Simply enter the amount that you’d like to bet. Notice that you’ll see your potential payout appear beneath the text box – handy right?

Finally, once you’re satisfied, hit the “Submit Now” button to submit your bet. It’s that easy!

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