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Injury Time Goals to Count for 90 Minute Result

If a team scores in the 92nd minute, does it count for a bet I had on the full time 90 min market or total goals market?

It does count for these markets!

Any market determined as a 90 minute market means that all goals scored until the final whistle will count.

Injury time, or the referee’s optional extra time, is part of the 90 minutes. These extra minutes are to make up for time lost throughout the game.  Should anything happen between these extra minutes, they WILL count towards the outcome of all bets laid.


If Man United is playing West Ham, and the score is 1-1.  Man United then scores in the 92nd minute (as shown on the clock).  The referee blows his whistle and the game ends with the score as 2-1.

The winner of the above game for the full time 90 minute market is MAN UNITED.  Injury time was played to make up for lost time throughout the game.  In all publications and official scoring, the end score is 2-1 in Man United’s favour, and they are the winners of this market.

The same applies for Total Goals scored in the game. If you take OVER 2.5 GOALS, and the game ends as 2-1, then this will be a winning bet.  There was 3 goals scored in the game.  Even if it was scored in the 92nd minute on the clock, these are still part of the full 90 minutes for the game.

Do not confuse injury time with EXTRA time, which is played in cup play-offs and finals. Extra time is time played to determine on who will advance to the next stage of a competition or who will lift the cup. This is not part of the 90 minutes full time market or total goals market.  The score at the end of the final whistle after 90 minutes will determine the outcome of the above markets.

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