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Peach Payments – Credit Card Deposit Method

Peach Payments is the new credit card payment method available at Hollywoodbets. Learn more here.

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Hollywoodbets has introduced a new payment method for account customers – Peach Payments. This is a credit card payment portal, with a feature that allows customers to save card details for future use. This saves entering card details every time for a deposit.

Follow the step-by-step method below on how to use the new Peach Payments portal:
Please note that the credit card you use must have 3D Secure enabled. Learn more here.


1) Login to your Hollywoodbets account and click on ACCOUNT.

Click Account - Hollywoodbets Mobisite
2) Click on MAKE A DEPOSIT.
Click "Make a Deposit" - Hollywoodbets Mobisite
3) Type in the AMOUNT you want to deposit, and click SUBMIT
Enter Deposit Amount and click Submit - Hollywoodbets Mobisite - Make a Deposit
4) Select the PEACH PAYMENTS method, and click on CREDIT CARD.
Select Peach Payments - Click Credit Card - Hollywoodbets Mobisite - Deposit
5) On your first use of the portal, you will be given the option to choose your brand of credit card, and to fill in your details
Fill in Credit Card Details - Peach Payments - Hollywoodbets - Deposit Method
6) For the below example we will use a VISA credit card. Fill in your credit card details, as well as your CVV number (the last three digits on the back of your credit card). Then tick the box that says “STORE PAYMENT DETAILS?“. This will save your details for the next time you make a deposit. Click on PAY NOW
Fill in VISA Card Details and Click Store Payment Details - Peach Payments Method
7) You will be taken to the Credit Card authentication page. In this instance it is Verified by Visa. Depending on how you receive your OTP (one time pin), you enter it into OTP field, and click SUBMIT
Enter OTP - Verified by Visa authorisation page - Hollywoodbets - Peach Payments Deposit Method
8) You will then be taken to a PAYMENT STATUS page. This will tell you whether your transaction is successful or not. If successful you will be given a reference number. Then click BACK TO WEBSITE, and you will be taken back to the Hollywoodbets betting site. Your funds will be loaded onto your account.
Payment Status - Successful or not - Reference number - Peach Payments - Deposit Method
9) If you clicked the “Store Details” box in your previous payment, the next time you use the Peach Payments method, your card will be saved. All you will need to do is click PAY NOW, and it will take you straight to the authorization page to enter your OTP. It’s that easy! 
Select stored card - Hollywoodbets - Peach Payments Method
10) If you wish to add an additional card, click the button that says SHOW OTHER PAYMENT METHODS.
Add new card by clicking Show Other Payment Methods - Peach Payments - Deposit Method - Hollywoodbets
11) In the below example we will add a MASTERCARD credit card. Click “Store Payment Details?” and it will save your card for your next Peach Payments transaction.
MasterCard Details - Peach Payments Method - Hollywoodbets
12) If you have saved two cards, the next time you use Peach Payments method, you will see both options available. Click your option then click PAY NOW.
Two Stored Cards - Peach Payments Method - Deposit - Hollywoodbets - Account

Should you experience issues with your deposit, please contact our deposits helpline on 031 334 0715 or 087 353 7634. You can also email [email protected].

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