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Soccer Special: How To Play?

How to play the Soccer Special with Hollywoodbets – Website Version

The Soccer Special involves you picking six winning teams in six matches.  The special feature with a Soccer Special is that you can select more than one option in your selection, giving you a better opportunity to win. 

The Soccer Special pay-out is worked on the pool system where the pool money is split amongst the number of winning tickets, and a dividend is declared.  With Hollywood, the minimum stake to play is R1 per combination. The TAB has a R6 unit per combination. Therefore Hollywood pays out one sixth of the TAB pay-out. If the customer wants the same pay-out as the TAB he/she would have to spend R6 for each combination.

You have three options for each match in a Soccer special:

  • Team A Win
  • Draw
  • Team B Win

Here is an example of a Soccer Special table:

Sat 06 February – 17:00 
M1 Besiktas vs. Genclerbirligi
M2 Dusseldorf vs. Nuremburg
M3 Perugia vs. Trapani Calcio
M4 Shrewsbury vs. Man Utd
M5 Southend vs. Burton Albion
M6 Napoli  vs. AC Milan
Please note the position of the teams on the table.  The team on the left hand side will always be the HOME side. The team on the right hand side will always be the AWAY side. 
Each selection has a code:
  • Team A – HOME – Mark 1
  • Draw – DRAW – Mark 2
  • Team B – AWAY – Mark 3
An example selection would be:
  • M1 – 1 
  • M2 – 1, 2, 
  • M3 – 1, 2, 3
  • M4 – 1, 2
  • M5 – 2, 3
  • M6 – 1
In M1 – I have bankered the home side Besiktas
In M2 – I have selected the Home team Dusseldorf to Win, as well as the Draw
In M3 – I have selected all three – Perugia, Trapani Calcio and the Draw (also known as field)
In M4 – I have selected the Home team Shrewsbury to win, as well as the Draw
In M5 – I have selected the DRAW, as well as Burton Albion to win the game
In M6 – I have bankered the home side Napoli to win
How to play the Soccer Special with Hollywoodbets
Mobi Version

As this is a permutation selection, I have to pay for each combination. You work out the combinations by multiplying the number of selections in each match: 

M1 – 1          
M2 – 2
M3 – 3
M4 – 2
M5 – 2
M6 – 1
The combinations will work out to:
1 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 1 = 24 combinations
In order to win the full Hollywood dividend once with this selection, it will cost R24 or R144 (R24 X 6) for the Totalisator dividend. If you don’t have the full R24, you can take a percentage. For example, if you only have R12, this combination would give you 50% of the Hollywood dividend.
If any game is scratched, or postponed to a later date, that match will be given the field for on all tickets (options 1, 2, and 3). 
The Soccer Special will be closed when the first match starts (or the official closing time as established by the Soccer 6 on the Tote). One cannot take a bet on remaining matches once the first match has kicked off. All 6 matches have to be bet upon.
In the Soccer Special, the result of the match is the score at the end of normal play.  This includes, the referee’s optional time, extra time, if played, but does not include penalty shoot outs.
Terms and Conditions:

Soccer Special Bet

The Soccer Special bet is to select the result of six soccer matches as designated in the totalisator’s official fixture card for each event.  There are three possible results for each match vis. 1 – Team A to win, 2 – Draw, 3 – Team B to win. 

Unit of betting and minimum bet

The unit of betting is R1 and the minimum bet is R1. 

Dividends and Results

The dividend and results are declared by the Totalisator and the Hollywood dividend shall be the Totalisator dividend divided by 6.    The result of a match shall be the score at the end of the normal 90 minute playing period plus any injury time that may be played.  It shall not include extra time nor penalty shootouts.

Abandoned, cancelled and rescheduled matches

Any match in a Soccer Special not completed by 9 am on the day after the last day on which matches in the pool were scheduled, shall be deemed abandoned and all choices shall qualify.  The times at which matches are completed will be as supplied by the operator’s official source, notwithstanding the operator’s decision in terms of when a match has not been completed shall be final and binding.  Further, the operator reserves the right to extend the time for a match to be completed if circumstances warrant and provided this does not unduly hamper the declaration of results and dividends.


If all the matches as designated in the official fixtures card are abandoned, all soccer special bets thereon shall be void.


Should there be no winning tickets on the pool on the Totalisator but winning tickets at Hollywood, Hollywood will pay a dividend determined by dividing the Totalisator pool by the number of Hollywood Soccer Special winners.  These dividends will be subject to ticket limits.


Winning limits shall also apply to Win, Place, Swinger, Exacta, Trifecta, Quartet, Double, Place Accumulator, Jackpot, Pick 3, Bipot, Pick 6,Mixa bets, Rugby Special and Soccer Special.  The maximum winnings in respect thereof will be limited to THE TOTAL NET POOL LIMIT of the local SAFTOTE pool.

By way of example, if the total available pool on an Soccer Special is R100 000, then this is maximum payout that may be distributed to a customer  who has selected the winning combination/s regardless of the stakes or the number of tickets. If Hollywood laid 1000 winning Soccer Specials to a customer  and the Saftote dividend was R 3500, Hollywood would limit the payout to pay the Pool Limit of R100 000.

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