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What is the ‘Clean Sheet’ market?

Clean Sheet

The Clean Sheet market allows the punter to bet on which team will not concede any goals throughout the duration of the match. 

The term ‘clean sheet’ is a term that comes in soccer for when a goal keeper does not let through any goals during a game.  Therefore if the goalkeeper ends the game with no goals scored against his team, he is said to have kept a ‘clean sheet.’

If Chelsea is playing Everton, you have two options of two to bet on:
1a)  Chelsea (Yes)
1b)  Chelsea (No)

2a)  Everton (Yes)
2b)  Everton (No)

A clean sheet would be indicated by a team not conceding any goals. i.e. The opposition not scoring any goals against the team.

Therefore is the the score is Chelsea 1-0 Everton, then this indicates that Chelsea kept a clean sheet. Chelsea (YES) would be a winning selection here.

If the score is Chelsea 0-0 Everton, then this indicates that both teams kept a clean sheet.  Therefore the winning selections would both be Chelsea (YES) and Everton (YES).

If the score is Chelsea 1-1 Everton, then this indicates that none of the teams kept a clean sheet. Therefore the winning selections would be Chelsea (No) and Everton (No).

Own goals will count towards the team they are awarded.  Therefore if Chelsea scores an own goal against Everton, this means that Chelsea has conceded a goal.  Therefore Chelsea (NO) would be a winning selection.

This a 90 minute market, and does not include penalties or extra time that takes place after the final whistle.

Note: You do not have to bet on both teams in this market. You can bet on either team.  Therefore you could bet on just Chelsea, or just Everton.

To find this market on the Hollywood website or mobile app, look for the match and the scroll to the CLEAN SHEET market.

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