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Zapper – How to Deposit using the Website

Hollywoodbets now allows you to deposit into your betting account using Zapper! Zapper is a mobile app that allows you to deposit by simply scanning the QR code on the screen. Learn more about how you can use this quick and easy payment method by reading below. Below is the method using the Hollywoodbets website on desktop.

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Zapper Quick Start Guide
1. Search for Zapper in your app store.
2. Download Zapper for FREE.
3. Open Zapper. Select register. Create your profile. Add your card.
How to Set Up Zapper?
1. Profile – complete your profile in ‘My Account’
2. Load your Card info and create your secret password. Safe and Secure.
3. Time to use Zapper! Scan, Pay & Go.
How to Use Zapper?
1. Select Scan in the Zapper menu. Scan the QR code.
2. Confirm the amount. Tap the button to Pay. Enter your One Time Pin if required.
3. Receive a Payment notification via email and in your Zapper history box.
Scroll to the bottom for Zapper FAQs. Click here for the Mobisite method.
Step by Step
Depositing with Zapper using the Hollywoodbets Website

Step 1: Click Deposit, then click Payment Portal.

Step 2: Enter your deposit amount.

Step 3: Click Credit/Debit Card under Zapper.

Step: 4 Open the Zapper app on your mobile phone and scan the code on your screen.
Step 5: Confirm the amount and click PAY on your phone.

Step 6: Enter the OTP if required by your bank.

Step 7: Wait for the processing to take place.

Step 8: The Zapper App will give you a Paid confirmation. Click Done.

Step 9: On your computer screen, you will see a successful notification.

Step 10: Click the refresh button next to your balance, and it will update.

 Zapper FAQs

What is Zapper?
Zapper is a mobile app that allows you to pay for items by simply scanning the QR code on your bill, or on your computer screen using your smartphone. In Hollywoodbets case, you scan the code to deposit into your Hollywoodbets account.

How do I download Zapper?
Click here to download the app from the store you use for your mobile phone:
Apple Store
Google Play Store
Windows Phone Store
Alternatively, search for the app “Zapper”.

How does the payment work?
Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to add a bank card to your account. Every time you scan and confirm a payment, the money will be deducted off your card.

Which bank cards are accepted?
All South African credit cards and cheque cards are accepted except for American Express and Diners Club. Debit cards from Nedbank and FNB are also accepted.

Is Zapper secure? Is it safe?
Zapper are very serious about security. They do not store your card details on a server somewhere where they can be hacked. Your card numbers are encrypted and stored safely on your phone ready for lightning fast payments. Once stored, you will only be able to see the last 4 digits of the card and you can also set a password in Zapper to ensure that no-one ever pays without your permission.

If you require any assistance please contact the Hollywoodbets Helpdesk:
[email protected]
087 353 7634

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