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Hollywoodbets Back On Track – Punters Challenge

Hollywoodbets Back On Track – Punters Challenge

The final leg of the Hollywoodbets Back On Track Punters’ Challenge takes place on Saturday 25 July. Here you could win your share of R100 000 and a R1 million bonus if pick all 10 winners on the card!

The Punters Challenge has now come to an end! View all the winners from each round below.


Round 1 – Winners – 7th June 2020
Round 2 – Winners – 10th June 2020
Round 3 – Winners – 13th June 2020
Round 4 – Winners – 17th June 2020
Round 5 – Winners – 20th June 2020
Round 6 – Winners – 24th June 2020
Round 7 – Winners – 28th June 2020
Round 8 – Winners – 1st July 2020
Round 9 – Winners – 4th July 2020
Round 10 – Winners – 8th July 2020
Round 11 – Winners – 11th July 2020
Round 12 – Winners – 15th July 2020
Round 13 – Winners – 19th July 2020
Round 14 – Winners – 20th July 2020
Round 15 – Winners – 25th July 2020 – Vodacom Durban July

The challenge involves picking one horse per race for all race meetings held in KZN at either Hollywoodbets Greyville or Hollywoodbets Scottsville on the competition website:

Each selection is awarded points based on where the selected horse finishes in its race, plus additional points based on the starting price of the winner.

There is R10,000 to be shared amongst the Top 20 on the Punters leaderboard at the end of each race meeting, whilst on feature race days, which includes the World Sports Betting Guineas Day, Daily News Day and Scottsville Sprint Day, the daily prize money will be doubled to R20,000.

There is also an exciting R50,000 bonus on each race day for anyone selecting all the winners on the card. Should there be more than one winner, then the prize money will be divided amongst the winners for that day.

Therefore, with a minimum of fifteen race meetings, including three feature race meetings, there is a guaranteed R180,000 to be won. With the R50,000 bonus available for each of the race meetings, there’s an additional R750,000 to be won. The Vodacom Durban July meeting will entail a mega prize, with at least R100,000 up for grabs for the stand-alone meeting.

The previous Sizzling Punters’ Challenge, which ran during March 2020, saw over 13,000 people participate in that competition. Hollywoodbets and TabGold account holders each get a single entry, so a player with accounts with both companies will be entitled to two entries.

This Back On Track Punters’ Challenge will run alongside the Hollywoodbets Back On Track Challenge for Trainers, Jockeys, Racehorses, Grooms and Apprentices, which was launched on 1 June 2020. Learn more about this challenge here!

Hollywoodbets Brand and Communications Manager Devin Heffer is excited for the return of the competition, as all stakeholders in racing are now involved.

“This competition is a fantastic initiative for all horse racing enthusiasts, as well as those new to racing. The game is easy to play and easy to follow. We look forward to seeing how Day 1 of the competition goes this Sunday, especially with double points, and double the prize money on the WSB Guineas, WSB Fillies Guineas and the Independent on Saturday Drill Hall Stakes.”

Gold Circle’s Events and Marketing Executive Steve Marshall, who has been hard at work with the return of racing, says this competition is another way to encourage new blood to the sport of horse racing. “Gold Circle and Hollywoodbets have been working hard to make KZN racing’s offer something special for all stakeholders, and this punters’ competition is one that rewards punters for their form study and hard work. We look forward to seeing all TabGold and Hollywoodbets account holders take their selections and enjoying the exciting racing we have lined up for Champions Season!”

The Hollywoodbets Back On Track Challenge kicks off with the World Sports Betting Guineas Day this Sunday, 7th June at Hollywoodbets Greyville, where there will be prize money of R20,000 guaranteed to be won.

If you need assistance with your Hollywoodbets account, please use our live chat facility on, or please call us on 087 353 7634.

If you need to get hold of TabGold with regards to your account details, or for any other account issues – please call 031 314 1874 or email [email protected] Both are available from 08:00 daily.


1. The Challenge will run for the period from 7 June 2020 to 25 July 2020.

2. This Challenge is open to all punters, registered as an account holder with Hollywoodbets and/or TabGold.

3. A single entry is free for registered players.  Players who are registered at both organisations shall be eligible for two entries.

4. Users who don’t have an account with either Hollywoodbets or Tabgold will be redirected to the respective registration page of the entity they choose, and, on successful registration, their new login credentials will be used for the Punter Challenge competition.

5. Players can enter the challenge at any point during the period.

6. Players will have the option to enter with their given name (as per the details on their betting account) or to create a non-de-plume to disguise their identity.

7. This challenge applies only to racing at Hollywoodbets Greyville and Hollywoodbets Scottsville.

8. Total prize money to the value of R930 000 will be on offer for punters over the period.
Daily prizes of R10 000 for each of the scheduled 12 ‘regular’ race-meetings and daily prizes of R20 000 for each of the three, feature race-meetings (Guineas day, Daily News day and Hollywoodbets Scottsville Sprint day).

In addition, there shall be a bonus prize of R50 000 awarded to any player who tips every winner on the card for any race-meeting in the period.  A consolation prize shall be offered if no bonus prize is won on a meeting.  This prize of R10 000 will be paid to the highest points scoring player/s who selected the winners of all but one race and selected the second placed finisher in that race.  Dead-heat rules will apply for both the bonus and consolation prizes.

The prize money for Vodacom Durban July Day will be promoted closer to the race day.

Regular days
Feature Days
Prize R
Prize R
6th – 10th
Full card of winners
R50 000
Full card, less one, of winners and a 2nd place selection
R10 000

Prize money will be paid into the winners’ Hollywoodbets or Gold Circle TabGold accounts only.
There are no conditions applicable to this payment and funds may be withdrawn or used for betting at the discretion of the player.  Dead-heat rules apply to all place positions.

9. Points System

Every point counts!  Points are allocated according to the official finishing position of each horse in the race.  The number of points on offer is dependent on the numbers of horses participating (official runners) in the race.

Points are awarded in accordance with the horses’ finishing positions i.e. in a 10-horse field, the winner will be awarded 10 points, 2nd 9 points and so on with the last horse being awarded 1 point.  Similarly, in a 16-horse field, the winner will be awarded 16 points and the last horse just a single point.

In addition, points will be awarded according to the price of the winner only.  The winning selection will get a bonus of the Hollywoodbets starting price.  If the winner of a 12-horse race starts at 12.5/1 (13.5) then the punters selecting the horse will be awarded 25.5 points (being 12 plus an additional 13.5 points for the starting price).

Further, additional points will be awarded according to players who select the winners of black-type races.  These are Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Listed races.  There are 30 scheduled black type races during the period ( The winning selection will get a bonus of double the Hollywoodbets starting price.  If the winner of a 12-horse race starts at 10/1 (11) then the punters selecting the horse will be awarded 34 points (being 12 plus an additional 11 points for the starting price, plus 11 points for the black-type race).

A horse/jockey combination must be declared a runner in the race to be awarded any points.
Where a dead-heat is declared for any finishing position, then dead-heat rules will apply and the contestants will each receive half of the aggregated points on offer.  So, for example, a dead-heat for 3rd and 4th in the 10-horse race will see the affected horses each being awarded 7.5 points ((8+7)/2).
Cumulative points awarded will be updated after each race.

Failure to make selections for a race meeting will result in zero points.

10. Scratchings and disqualifications

Any selection of a scratching will be assigned the official tote favourite for the race.  In the event there are dual tote favourites in a race, the highest placed finisher (of the tote favourites) will be assigned to the scratching.

A horse disqualified after having run a race will be deemed to have run last and will earn one point, with each horse that finished behind it being promoted.

11. Change of venue – if the venue changes (before 11 am on race day) then punters will have the option to retain their original selection or create new selections on a new selection grid.  Where no new selections are made, the original selections will remain as valid selections.

12. Any race meeting rescheduled from its original date to another day in the period shall be re-opened for selections prior to the rescheduled date.  The original selections shall be voided and only the reselected entries shall apply.

13. Entries will only be accepted up until 5-minutes before the carded time of the first race.  The meeting will be closed at that time and no selections will be accepted after that time for any reason whatsoever.

14. It is the responsibility of each entrant to pick, process and save their selections.  Team members at Hollywoodbets, Gold Circle and/or the independent developers of the punters’ challenge system cannot process entries on behalf of any other person for any reason whatsoever.  It is each person’s responsibility to ensure their selections are recorded before the closing Time of the challenge.

15. Once selections are saved, they are final and cannot be changed.

16. The challenge is intended for recreational purposes only. Should any participant be suspected of abusing the spirit of the challenge, Hollywoodbets reserves the right to withdraw any prize money awarded.

17. Hollywoodbets and Gold Circle and their authorised agents reserve the right to vary, suspend, postpone or terminate the competition or any aspect thereof, for any reasons whatsoever, at any time whatsoever and without notice. In such event, participants hereby waive any rights or expectations, which they may have against Hollywoodbets or Gold Circle or their authorised agents and acknowledge that they will not have any recourse or claim of any nature against Hollywoodbets or Gold Circle or their authorised agents.

18. Queries can be addressed to [email protected] or [email protected]

19. Companies in the Hollywood Sportsbook Group and the Gold Circle Group are licensed betting operators. Hollywoodbets and Gold Circle supports responsible gambling. No persons under the age of 18 years are permitted to gamble. Winners know when to stop. National Gambling toll-free counselling line 0800 006 008.

20. Every entrant participating in the competition shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted these terms and conditions and rules by virtue of their participation.

21. This competition is OPEN to any persons who are directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants of Hollywoodbets or Gold Circle or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by Hollywoodbets or Gold Circle or marketing service providers, or spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members of all of the above.  However, any person associated with Hollywoodbets and Gold Circle as indicated above will donate their winnings to the National Horse Care Unit and/or the Coastal Horse Care unit.

22. The official tipsters in the Winning Form Group publications, Gold Circle and TabGold publications will also form part of this Challenge.  Should any of these tipsters win any prize, then that money shall be donated to the Horse Care Unit of their choice. 

23. By entering the competition, you agree:

a) that Hollywoodbets and Gold Circle may collect and process your personal information for the purposes of the competition; and

b) to receiving communication from Hollywoodbets’ and/or Gold Circle’s sponsors and partners.

c) to take part in reasonable post-event publicity and to the use of your names and photographs in such publicity, subject to the winner’s right to decline participation in any such promotional activities.

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