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Jimmy The Rich: Summer Cup Best Bets

Jimmy The Rich was emphatic in his tenure as the Winning Form Magic Tips Page tipster as he tipped a remarkable 61 winners from 26 race meetings over a 3 week period and along the way Mr Rich can say he made his followers very ‘rich’.

It all started on the 25th of October in the Windy City at Fairview Racecourse where he opened up his account by tipping four out of a possible eight winners and then on the next day in the Mother city at Kenilworth Racecourse his value bet and best bet won with absolute ease.
He went on to tip a whopping 7 place accumulators in a row all paying exuberant amounts with his highest PA win coming on a Wednesday in his hometown at Hollywoodbets Greyville, a R288 perm which returned R2303.20. 
Rich’s hot run of form continued into the Charity Mile raceday, it was the first Saturday in November and it is a day that Rich and his followers will never forget when he tipped a R256 Pick 6 perm which returned a huge amount of R17259.00. “To tip, the bet everyone wants to win on a big day was an amazing feeling,” Rich added.
On the Tuesday after his Pick 6 triumph, he did something unimaginable when tipping 6 out of a possible eight winners at Kenilworth. The advert across all Winning Form’s social media platforms read “Jimmy The Rich Hits them for 6” and it is a catchphrase that Rich said he will never forget. “I exceeded my own expectations by doing that, I couldn’t believe it.”
Rich’s tenure ended on the 14th of November but Rich did thank all those responsible for giving him the opportunity.
“I would like to thank the people that entrusted me with the responsibility of tipping in the Winning Form and I look forward to sharing the reins with a legend of the racing game in the form of PeTeBe starting this weekend at the Summer Cup raceday.”

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